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Thread: 6 volt to 12 volt conversion

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    6 volt to 12 volt conversion

    has anyone done a 6 volt to 12 volt on a 1976 Honda CT-70?
    does anyone know which parts to replace and have some detailed instructions?
    I want to do this to my bike so I can ride it on the street and
    put a brighter headlamp up front.


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    Yeah I need this help, too. Except I have a 73 50 motor. I keep seeing people talking about it but cant find anything when searching. You'd think this would be a sticky.

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    Someone should do a write up of a 12v motor install. Start to finish with pictures. sticky it.

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    If you feel completely lost even with a schematic, then you'll need cut & paste instructions and the best place to source those is from the vendor who supplied your engine. On the other hand, if you can at least slowly work your way through electrics with a schematic in hand, re-wiring one of these bikes is pretty simple. You've got lighting & charging leads, both go to the rectifier, from there it's one to the battery + and the other to the headlight. Neutral leads are usually light green w/red tr. There will be a ground bus. That leaves the coil trigger lead, CDI leads and kill switch lead. CDI wiring is usually bundled into a modular connector, but some integrate the coil trigger and/or kill switch; that's where having the specifics, like a schematic, become essential. If you're totally out of your depth with wiring at this level then you might be best off farming it out. That's not a cheap shot at anyone. Electrics are pretty unforgiving, but you only have to do the wiring once. There are differences in wiring, including 4,5, 6 & even 7-wire keyswitches and similarly different numbers of CDI leads. IMO, there are too many variations between most aftermarket engines to make this topic suitable for a reference resource sticky. Chinese motors don't remain long in the market before being superseded by the next latest & greatest and a subtle change in wiring between similar appearing models could leave someone stuck.

    As for the rest of the componentry, that comes down to bulbs, battery and maybe a turn signal relay, all of which are much easier to source in 12V flavor.

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