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Thread: HELP!!1972 Z50 no spark

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    HELP!!1972 Z50 no spark

    A month or so ago my z50 stopped running, found out it has no spark. I'm stumped I changed (bought all new parts) coil, wireharness, points, condensor, stator, kill switch, plug, cleaned fly wheel, yes it's still magnitized. My brother and I (we are a combined 101 years old) have looked over everything many times with out any luck! It must be something simple! The only thing electrical I have not changed is the headlight, headlight switch and the taillight!! This one is the first Honda Mini i purchased so she is speacial to me. Hell, my dog is starting to look at me like I'm stupid! Help!!

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    disconnect stator from harness...connect a lead to black on stator and hold other end to any non painted metal part of the engine. You should get a mild spark = no ground or a short in the stator. CHECK THE POINTS FIRST. Make sure the wire from the capacitor is isolated properly with the two plastic washers.
    Next...connect a lead from the black on the stator to the black on the coil. Make sure the coil has a good ground at its mounting point, clean any grease, rust or corrosion from the coil and frame. Remove spark plug from head...check that the high voltage wire has not separated from the connector...reconnect coil to plug. Hold threads of plug to any non painted metal part of the engine and kick over...the plug should spark meaning your coil is good. No spark means a bad coil, bad connection to plug or weak / no ground.

    If you loose spark when you reconnect stator to harness, the the problem is in the harness.

    I had a similar problem last week...hope this is of some help. Good luck

    Rick Martin
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    Sometimes its as simple as a bad plug. I have had new ones out of the box that were bad. You could also make sure all wires on condensor are attached securely and making contact.

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