Sorry my first post is selling something, I do plenty of reading in the tech area and haven't had anything to contribute yet ...

I have a brand new OEM ' carburetor for a 76 z50a and polished intake. I bought it to install on a motor I rebuilt, but I sold the bike and motor @ a discount and kept the pricey carburetor.
I haven't ran a drop of gas in it or installed a hose on it. I just bolted it onto intake a few weeks ago, kept it covered and clean. I have the throttle slide and top set that came with it.

I bought the carb from where I paid about $132 shipped. I'll sell carb and stock intake for $130 shipped. Carb alone for $110 shipped. You can find cheaper carbs -- but they don't mate with stock intake. I made that costly mistake already . Get the piece of mind that comes with knowing the carb is Honda quality and jetted correctly, and you won't have to alter throttle cable, etc.


I am 100% on ebay with 138 positive feedback, by the way (username: mippitys).

Might consider trades for CT70 K0 parts. Thanks!