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Thread: Difference between Z50 and CRF50 engine

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    Difference between Z50 and CRF50 engine

    What is the differece between the Z50 and CRF50 engines?
    Will cylinder fit? I will fit a 124cc Kitaco cylinder kit for CRF50s on my engine (Dont know if it will be a Z or CRF engine yet..) What do I do to make it fit if I find a Z50 engine?


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    From my understanding the z50 stock engine will not except the hop up kits in this size because you have to have the cases machined for the cylinder to go into the cases. The cfr cases are already made to do this in stock form and they are 12 volt verses 6 volt-- you just need to add a lighting coil to the stator plate assembly, if you want lights on the bike. The crf motors are the better ones to modify as they also have a stronger crank and the crank is supported better -- this is what I have found out recently as I have been looking at the lifan motors to put in my other bike but the Japan motors will bring the value up as it is a Japan motor. I had a Ct with a Lifan 110cc motor in it and it started with one kick every time and was very stong motor that pulled really nice though the gears and was pretty fast -- I sold it and got about 1/2 the money that a ct would have sold for if it had a real Japan motor in it. My next project is a Ct with a CRF hoped up motor -- it will still cost 3 times more than if I just bought a Lifan 150cc monster motor. but you know what they say -- you get what you pay for -- Skip

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