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Thread: lifan 110cc wiring

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    lifan 110cc wiring

    Anyone out there know how to wire these clones?I got the wiring diagram off of hooper imports but what the? Are these cdi"s actually needed any way to bypass?I have no key just a wired on/off switch that works but not getting juice thru to plug! It has good a good ground!

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    A bunch of us got entire kits that had full wiring harnesses with them and all new lights, blinkers and controls, handlebars and speedo.

    coloradokiteski usually sells them on ebay.
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    You need the CDI to make one run.
    The Yellow, white and light green/red stripe wires from the engine can be taped off.
    The other 3 wires from the engine go in to the CDI, Blue/wht stripe, Black/red stripe and green is ground.
    Takes about 15 minutes to wire a bike this way.
    The bike will run a but you will have no lights or kill switch.
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    Post Lifan wiring

    Hey u said The other 3 wires from the engine go in to the CDI, Blue/wht stripe, Black/red stripe and green is ground....what colors do i put them to on the CDI if they dont match up? i have Blue/Red, Purple, Green/Red, Green/Black, and Pink.

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