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  1. Drew
    1970 CT-70 with Piranha 140 engine
  2. ArcticMinibike
    ArcticMinibike kirrbby
    Is it normal for a condenser to have continuity from the outside case to the center pole when installed and the points are closed? Mine is new but maybe I overheated it? With both coils and the points wire installed, I get continuity from the condenser case to the center of it.
    1. kirrbby
      Yes it is. When the points close, it connects the points wire, that goes to the condenser, to ground.
      May 23, 2018
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    2. ArcticMinibike
      Thanks! You've been very helpful through this 2-year project! In a panic for an event this weekend (can’t take chances) I ordered an entire stator rebuild kit. Expensive, and likely unnecessary, but the wiring on my coils and harness pigtail were in very rough shape. Multiple bare wire spots. Likely repairable but for $45, an acceptable piece of mind. Sad thing, I now have a spare condenser, points....and coils. :)
      May 23, 2018
  3. Cleato904
    Cleato904 SketchyBikes
    Good deal, I couldn't find one at the shop.
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    2. SketchyBikes
      Thanks for checking! I'm on the hunt for a 1980 main wiring harness also. That seems to be much harder. All the after market ones stop at 1979.
      May 23, 2018
  4. Cleato904
    Cleato904 SketchyBikes
    I'll look at the shop on Monday and let you know if I have them. I'll see what else the slide n needle fits.
    1. SketchyBikes
      Hey I just saw this now. Sorry! I ended picking up a new needle and slide from dratv. Got it the other day. Thanks though!!
      May 22, 2018
  5. Jlloyd
    New to the site, but I've been lurking since I made my childhood dream come true about two weeks ago.
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  6. kirrbby
    kirrbby Corbin Larson
    Welcome Corbin. I sent you a PM. Please start a thread so we can have a place for discussion about your new bikes.
  7. Corbin Larson
    Corbin Larson
    I just got 2 1974honda ct70s and was wondering where or how to check/fill transmition fluid
  8. DasCT70
    I just became the owner of a 1974 CT70, and have begun restoration. I can’t wait to pick everyone’s brain. Pics and updates to follow...
  9. DasCT70
    Thanks for accepting me.
  10. CrawlerD
    CrawlerD Z50nut
    Still have the z50 seat?
    1. Z50nut
      sorry, sold
      Apr 17, 2018
  11. MonkeyBikerCanada
    Rust is the worst enemy of the mini trail ...It will never reach my machines!
  12. spencer2986
    spencer2986 Slyclone
    Hey! Saw you had a 1972 ct70. I have a yellow one like yours. Where you located? I’m also 31, good to see a younger community with showing interest.
  13. dave-396
  14. Tha Jimmer
    Tha Jimmer
    What up Lil Honda!!! I have had this Ct70 for decades. It has gotten beat but now it is time to bring Frankenstein back to life!!!
  15. Donald_50
    Donald_50 scooter
    I am interested in "Picking your brain" regarding rear shocks.
    I have 2 CT-70's, and I live in North San Diego County, CA.!
    (Vista, CA 92084)
    My question, if I find a pair of "Old" used, Ohlins with the "Piggy-Back" reserviors, 14..
    14 and 1/2 inches "Eye to Eye",
    And then have YOU or a bike shop here in North San Diego County, CA rebuild them...

    Thanks for your time...
    Cheers, Donald_50
    Vista, CA 92084
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    2. Donald_50
      Thanks for your reply...
      Ohlins are the Most popular suspension (Front & Rear), for any and all bikes today!
      Ohlins are made in Sweden, and cost starts around $1200.00 and go up from there.
      I mentioned "Old, Used" because I really don't want to spend 2...5 Thousand on these!
      There are many videos on "YouTube" regarding Ohlins Rear Shocks.
      Feb 27, 2018
  16. JRuw91
    JRuw91 racerx
    What’s the difference between a Dax seat and Ct70 Ko seat? I’m looking to get a kepspeed Dax leather lower profile seat for my Ct70. The only place I can find one is is from the UK so I wanted to make darn sure it would fit before I ordered it. They mentioned the locking mechanism on the seat was different. Key instead of leather.
  17. JRuw91
    JRuw91 racerx
    What would be the best way to go about taking off and replacing the decals on the frame of Ct70 Ko? Just the Honda decals I want replaced.
    1. racerx
      Gentle heat, no more than ~125F, and a LOT of patience. Start at one end, lift & pull...slowly. Most of the adhesive should stick the the old decal. roll what remains, using your fingers. Cleaner formula paste wax is a safe means of dissolving the last of the adhesive residue. Wash the area with detergent & water, to strip the paste wax, in preparation for the new decals.
      Jan 13, 2018
  18. David Albright
    David Albright racerx
    My first project K2 70 bought partially disassembled handle bar seems to be original but there are no perches for the brakes, also came with a couple different on off switches and light switches can't find a photo of what is supposed to be there, schematics show there should be perches for brake?
  19. Will64
    Will64 red69
    Hi Bob,
    I'm restoring a 64 S90 and have been following your posts on the Yahoo site (with difficulty) . I would like to purchase a face plate and Denso or Nippon Seiki overlay if you still have them available. My gauge did not have the outer one and there aren't any identifying markings on the case. Is there a way to tell which is which? My email is Thanks, Bill
  20. tjcin
    tjcin scooter
    Do you still restore shocks? I have a set I would like done. Thanks tjcin