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  1. joshmedley88
    Little by little this little gem is coming along nicely. Just love vintage Honda motorcycles so nostalgic and bulletproof machine's
  2. Cleato904
    Cleato904 mikesminitrail
    Look under the wanted ads and look at the pictures I posted of the cover it's yellow
  3. Cleato904
    Cleato904 mikesminitrail $70 total amount.
  4. cbryder
  5. FFFergie
    I need good places to buy parts and advice on powder coating vs paint. What is good to remove rust and polish up the wheels ect. Thanks!
  6. Enginedoctor
  7. Enginedoctor
  8. Cleato904
    Cleato904 scooter
    Shure, what are you looking for.
  9. joshmedley88
    Working on my 67 cl90 today. This bike is such a joy to ride. Got the Honda fever!!
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  10. adzrules
    Contemplating which unfinished project to continue working on...
  11. racerx
    racerx joshmedley88
    The board was migrated here less than 12 hours ago. Has to be related to that. You should have the same open access as before. Will look into this.
    1. joshmedley88
      Thanks have been informed were changing platforms and was cause of issue. Can access through my browser just not taptalk like I usually use. Thanks racerx
      Jul 15, 2017
  12. motodevo
    Living on borrowed time and borrowed funds
  13. etouzin
    etouzin racerx
    Hi Bob.
    I noticed my neutral and high-beam lights are not on with the engine running.
    Where should I start?
    I apologize if this belongs in a forum, but very new here. I don't even know how to start a forum!
  14. chevybreezin
    chevybreezin 71 z50 Canada
    All the local guys are confused which colour it should be and I appear to have a silver tag that no one else has. What is the difference between Candy Sapphire Blue and Candytone blue is ....mine is a Candy for sure but appear deeper and darker than Sapphire Blue your Candytone Blue or Sapphire …..could u help with correct colour and maybe send or post differences and do you have any idea where I could get like a PPG paint code or House of Colour break down for the right correct blue.

    I know Honda doesn't make it any more and even they varied in colour with the tank dipping and in reading the site everyone else seems as confused as I am and what the right colour is correct. Did you paint it or have it done?
    Thanks so much for whatever help u can provide or if you feel someone can help redirect me

  15. chevybreezin
    chevybreezin 71 z50 Canada
    Hello... My name is John Mclean ...been on your site about 4-5 months but never posted anything yet. This is my first Z50 since I was 17 so it is a long long time. I have been building Hot Rods for years but close to retirement now and I wanted the projects to be 6-12 months long not be 2-3 years and so bought what I think is an early 1970 silver tag to start.

    I’m in London Ontario... So in research on several site saw you had silver tag and thought I would try u for info.
    Having a terrible time nailing the colour down...only blue left is on the underside of tank and because of the space can't get a colour scanner in it. Paint is thin in that area too.

    contin in next page
  16. Meangreenhk0
    My family and I have a total of nine Trail 70 K0's, including all colors of 3-speed and 4-speed bikes to make up the original K0 family. We have 2 additional candy gold bikes and one sapphire blue. Most are original bikes but 2 of the 4 speeds have been restored.

    My uncle always dreamed of getting a Trail 70 as a kid, but as one of eight children this was never a real possibility.
    He ended up buying two, 3-speed, Trail 70 about 10 years ago, candy gold and candy sapphire blue to finally realize a childhood dream. Needless to say he is an enthusiast. We surprised him last year with the candy ruby red bike to complete his 3-speed K0 collection. In the process of buying the red bike our family purchased the 3 colors of the 4-speeds and now have the original K0 family. It's been an obsession and a passion ever since. We are always working on a project bike, tuning, and we do an annual scooters-only charity ride for breast cancer in Orlando, called Scooters 4 Hooters.

  17. Seaturtle
    Seaturtle andrewdell19
    Thank you Andrew. Great to do business with you. Super fast shipment.Parts were better than expected.
  18. RustySkills
    RustySkills andrewdell19
    Andrew - thanks for the parts from the K0! The front hub is going to help out a lot with my project. I appreciate you working so hard to save me money on shipping. All the parts were in great shape. Ryan
  19. hooter ray
  20. darrel gunderson
    darrel gunderson SteveB
    Sure, what do you have? Easier to reach me at my personal email.