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  1. Chrisqa
    Mine did that. Do you have a battery hooked up? The battery stops the voltage from going too high from the alternator. Also check for loose connections from the battery to the rectifier and alternator. Is it burning out the bulb?
  2. Chrisqa
    When I was 9 my first bike was a QA50 hence the name chrisqa
  3. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano Tyler Newman
    Check rear lite switch.
    1. Anthony Campano
      Anthony Campano
      Thx Tyler I have a new one to install I guess I have to take the gas tank out or can I splice it in.
      Jul 13, 2019
  4. Monstar
    Monstar jrrjr71
    Hey jr, kalamazoo here was from the gr. area
    1. jrrjr71
      yeah, i'm actually looking to move south of GR and get a little breathing room. not the best time to purchase homes with land though.
      Jun 26, 2019
  5. greydoggy1658
    greydoggy1658 motoman287
    I'm interested in your Honda Nice if you still have it. I'll take it for your asking price.
  6. adzrules
    Taking some time to work on three projects ('79 Z50R, '70 CT70 K0, '74 CT70 K3) simultaneously. Because one at a time is so passe...
  7. twebb10
    7pm- *Logs onto lilhonda to read one thread* 1am-*currently on page 114*
  8. Barnfinder
    Barnfinder scooter
    If you still refurb shocks, I’m interested in having two from an HK1 done.
    1. scooter
      Barnfinder - yes I still have extra seals and parts to do a rebuild and certainly will try to help you out. Just saw your message. If you want to give me a call feel free. 215 327-8657. Jeff
      May 27, 2019
  9. copperhead
    copperhead Talonfcc566
    Got my whole nike stripped down, spending money on all the mechanical stuff I hadn't planned to right now..but I'd rather do it all at once. Bars will have to wait. Will be interested in what you come up with on the box. Jury rigging is a hobby of
  10. copperhead
    copperhead Talonfcc566
    Having problems trying to message you will try send another later later.
    On the airbox, how about taking a good sized ID fuel filter and using the nipple off that. Then you could carve out the base of the airbox part to make a seat for the the nipple to sit and epoxy it in. Permabond makes a good plastic epoxy. Just tossing it out there.
    1. Talonfcc566
      My apologize copperhead. I didn't see the messages. Wife has been out of town and my responsibility increased. Like your idea of cutting off a tube form something else.
      May 15, 2019
    2. Talonfcc566
      Just reading your clutch bent arm string. Amazing how one thing leads to the next. I agree to check thinks now rather then later.
      May 15, 2019
    3. Talonfcc566
      I replaced my throttle cable tonight and installed air box. I was surprised the lower tube goes back up into frame. Didn't think much about until I installed it.
      May 15, 2019
  11. Talonfcc566
    Talonfcc566 copperhead
    I paid $10 for the airbox and want to make it work since it's an 79 airbox.
    I thought about finding the same type plastic tube and epoxy it on, maybe with a small reinforcement tube in the inside. Once it's together I won't be removing it.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    What ever happen on the handle bars? You were right that there is some small difference from mine. Still very close.
  12. RickyRacer
    RickyRacer kirrbby
    Hey Kirrbby - Sorry to bother, but I wanted some wisdom from a fellow Honda lover and I see your Buddha and figured... THIS is the guy with wisdom and knowledge! Running into some financial issues.. where would you price my 1991 CT70 with 540 original miles.. and it IS like new.... ANY response and guidance - much appreciated... Thanks- Rick in PA
    Got a 72 ct70. When I hit the brakes, either foot or handle bar the tail light goes out. I made sure I have a 6v bulb. Help!!
  15. Talonfcc566
    AMC crazy is what I am ..
  16. Grifter
    Hi. I’m fitting a big bore 88cc cylinder to my CT70. I’ve now had a thought, do I need to upgrade my carb to one for a 90cc bike?
  17. Steve j
    Steve j
    Richmond VA
  18. Steve j
    Steve j
  19. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    Hello Bob...
    "Racer X"
    How do I "Call" or get in touch with "TJR-Germany regarding a "Honda N.I.C.E.
    Do I go through you??

    Cheers, Donald
  20. placek59
    placek59 kawahonda
    How much would you want for the K0 bars if you decide to sell them? Are they really nice? Let me know please