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  1. Robert thran
    Robert thran Clayton
    Ok...I gotcha!!! Lol
  2. askforjonny
  3. Robert thran
    Robert thran kirrbby
    Hey Kirrbby , called the hydro dipper today but he didn’t answer...I left him a message to call me at his earliest convenience...I’ll keep you posted when he does...
  4. Robert thran
    Robert thran Clayton
    Hey Clayton was just thinking..... how did you get the name Tammy?. It just cracks me up because that’s my exgirl-friends name!! Lol. And I’ve never heard of a dog named Tammy! But it’s a great sister had a dog named Bob.. you got her beat.....Lol.
    1. Clayton
      Lmao!!!! Her proper name is Tamra Jean Seale, her street name is Tammy! Idk my wife says that I name all our pets human names! I guess I just look at my puppy butts as children lol
      Mar 30, 2021
  5. M&M
    New to the site. Have a 1977 ct70 that has some acceleration issues. Not sure where to ask the questions
  6. hooter ray
    hooter ray
    Hello guys I'm's been a while but I'm getting ready start on a ct70 ..K1 ithink
    1. hooter ray
      hooter ray
      I mean I think it's a K1! Belonged to my neighbor when he was a kid. His sister had the bike just sitting under a shed and let me get it. I've had it a couple of years and now I'm going to start on it. Stay tuned
      Mar 17, 2021
  7. jakemini70
    jakemini70 Robert thran
    happy birthday
    1. Robert thran
      Robert thran
      Thanks bud!!!
      Mar 11, 2021
  8. Walker Mower
    Walker Mower b3achley
    Hey ,
    Nice job on the little bike. I recently picked up a1985 and was wondering if I should rebuild it to original and how hard it was finding parts. New to this little bike thing and would love your input.
  9. haroldpo6
    How many yr models cylinder heads will fit a 1978 ct70?
  10. tom0762
    tom0762 racerx
    hello bob, my uncle lives in flint mich. how far away are from flint? i might be going up to visit him some time this spring . i was just wondering what the cost is to rebuild my k1 automatic engine . i have some mad money set aside for a rebuild.. if you can give me your phone number, we can talk on the phone , thanks bob.. tom 0762
  11. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall darrel gunderson
    ....shall I keep you posted on the fated of the "0"?
  12. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall darrel gunderson
    Hey Darrel,
    I'm not sure what I'm doing with either one yet. The HK0 has some dents in the frame, I've stripped it down completely and going to have our local body shop take a look and see if its worth straighten out. He's done a couple of these before. If it looks OK, I may go ahead and restore that one one first and just get the K3 running so I can scoot around the neighborhood until the HK0 is done.
  13. Renosteve
    Renosteve kirrbby
    Hello, was wondering if you still had a lot of parts for sale? If so do you happen to have any ST90 Parts?
  14. 42653steve
  15. Tim Byford
    Tim Byford
    Stator mounting screws: 125cc countersink screws
  16. Tim Byford
    Tim Byford
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  17. Tim Byford
    Tim Byford
    I'm a typical #RIDERED guy...
  18. dadspurg
  19. dadspurg
    dadspurg b52bombardier1
    Hello. Advice please.
    I'm trying to restore a cm91 that ran fine in 1998 when I broke a weld on the handlebar. Fixed the weld and now trying to get it running. I noticed the key wont turn in the ignition. I've used penetrating oil, wd40, over a week now. it clicks but wont turn. Do i have to have the battery hooked up for it to turn? Like some kind of solenoid? thanks for the help.
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    2. b52bombardier1
      I would not have any idea. I have not worked on a CM91 before and the wiring diagram likely won't show details about the connector. You could possibly retrofit in different wiring or a different but similar key.
      Nov 28, 2020
    3. dadspurg
      I agree. i ordered a new key/switch. I'm planning to "gently" remove the wiring from the switch (if i can) and reconnect to the new switch. Not sure how that will work out but about the only option left since i can't figure out how to "freeup" the old switch so the key will turn.
      Nov 29, 2020
    4. dadspurg
      i appreciate the comments you provided.
      Nov 29, 2020
  20. dadspurg
    dadspurg northvancpF
    Great job!
    1) What paint did you use for the gearbox casing and chain guard protectors.
    2) Wheel hubs and spokes. you just polished the old ones? How?
    4) I' having trouble getting the key to turn in the ignition. I've used penatrating oil, wd40, and won't turn, but i can hear it click. Do i have to have the battery engaged to turn the key?