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  1. Anthony Campano
  2. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano Deoodles
    Hi I’m trying to achieve the same thing on my ct70 clone was the front fender easy to change it from the low mount to the high mount. I’m want to put the bidgestone. 4/10 inch tires on front and back. Thx Anthony.
  3. Olle Jacobsen
    Olle Jacobsen
    Current restoration project: Honda ST50M
  4. LlamaTrauma
    Just a llama on a CT70, no big deal...
  5. Hoebster
    New CT70 Owner
  6. xwelder
    xwelder b52bombardier1
    I just picked up a couple ct 90's and would love to get a copy of the pdf information you mentioned. Would be very grateful i you would send them to me at
  7. Chrisqa
    Does anyone have a 1975 z50 gas tank they want to sell?
  8. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano cjpayne
    Love the information on cleaning spinner screen why can’t all you ct70 mechanics live in ri.
    1. cjpayne
      OLD CT lives in Jersey. lol
      Aug 24, 2019
  9. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano kirrbby
    Hi kirrbby you seem to know a lot about clones. Please give me your honest opinion on my 03 jenching trail 70 buy. It has 26 original miles on it and looks like new I paid 400.00 for it someone offered me 1000.00 I’m going to keep it what I’ve read the Honda CT70 group seems to think that this was one of the better clones you’re comment please. Thx Anthony. .
    1. kirrbby
      Hi Anthony.
      I really don't know much about the clone bikes, other than what I've read and seen here over the years. But, I do know that you did verry well buying that one for 400. You can get that bike up and running, then just ride it, making repairs and improvements as the need arises...same as with ANY bike.
      Welcome to the addiction. But be careful, little Honda's seem to multiply.
      Aug 19, 2019
  10. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano
    From providence ri
  11. Anthony Campano
    Anthony Campano Enginedoctor
    Help with undecided carb 18mm or 20mm for 70cc trail rider. Mikuni or original kenhin. Thx Anthony.
  12. 87gsxrnut
    1969 Trail 70
  13. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa Bevelsd
    Hello and welcome. I see you like cats too. My cat See's me do something and he has to do the same and mock me. I was rebuilding a cylinder head and went to my tool box and when I came back he was putting his paws on the valves and lapping them in. That's him on the red z50r after he saw me sitting on it.
  14. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa Brenda
    Hello and welcome
  15. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa Jim Lomeli
    Hello and welcome
  16. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa Rick Clark
    Hello and welcome
  17. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa wolf543
    Hello and welcome
  18. Chrisqa
    I recently bought a motorcycle valve seat grinding kit for thirty five dollars on eBay. I had 4 junk ct70 heads I was able to restore.
  19. Chrisqa
    Are 6volt LED headlight and taillight available for little Hondas?
  20. Chrisqa
    Chrisqa kirrbby
    Thank you kirrbby. I'm new and trying to figure out this website how to like a post and other stuff like that. How do I post something for everyone to see? An idea about an experiment for example