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  1. Gumpit
    1981 C70. Just picked it up with 533 miles for $650. Runs and drives perfect. Needs a battery,carb clean and whatever you suggest I should do.
  2. Frustrated
    Sweet! How did you do that?
  3. JRuw91
    Tires are a tubeless tire as well. Maxxis m6024 I believe. It’s a knobby dual sport tire that are awesome in my opinion on road and trail.
  4. JRuw91
    Thank you for the input. I tried keeping a stock look while also making it my own. I have tried the stock knobs and obviously also the billet ones I have on there now. I’m gonna adventure into the...
  5. racerx
    Nice machine, but then I'm biased. IMHO, this one checks mostly all the right boxes for classic CT70 design elements. Only thing missing is the engine guard (but, this is your bike, of...