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    1. Chrisqa
      Hello and welcome. I see you like cats too. My cat See's me do something and he has to do the same and mock me. I was rebuilding a cylinder head and went to my tool box and when I came back he was putting his paws on the valves and lapping them in. That's him on the red z50r after he saw me sitting on it.
    2. Bevelsd
      Hey, I'm just a normal guy that never got over my first CT70 that I bought myself when I was 12 back in 70. Worked all winter and summer that year playing paperboy and cutting grass until I had 450.00 to buy a brand new ruby red 3 speed. I call Nashville Tenn. home. My kids are grown so its time to buy my own toys from now on. I collect vintage toys such as 60's Hot Wheels and GI Joe. Wife thinks thats bad enough without the three CT70s but what do they know?
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