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  • Chuck...the crank is the 62mm crank that was purchased directly from them. You'll need a set of cases, spindled to take either the 57 or 58mm cylinder, piston that matches the takegawa +r head, gasket sets, and the little o ring that goes on to prevent leaking on the lower left stud. That will do it.
    LMK what it takes to purchase the rectifier.Please check to see if the red wire is "solid" colored and not red with a lighter colored stripe that wraps around the red wire. Thanks in advance

    Lino (630) 707-1009
    I see you are in Pearl River. I am over in Diamondhead. I have a couple of CT90's. I would like to meet up with you sometime and discuss these little bikes with you. Looks like I have a lot to learn.
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