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  • HI,
    I saw a blue H bike that you were building but I can't find it on the board anymore. The bike looked awesome!! Do you do the seats yourself, if so, where do you get the covers and foam? They're the best seats I've seen in a long time and they look stock.
    Thanks, Paul H.
    No I just have the restored guy and have 3700.00 in it.

    I do know of one that has 311 miles on it in Chicago. I saw it but can't recall the asking price. I can try to find out if you like.
    Go to Ecklers.com for the T-235 spray paint. Worked great for me. No gun required. Thanks and good luck.
    if you still have the headlight guard i would like to buy it from you, i live in wa state, email me nator0308@yahoo.com so we can make a deal
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