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    Lifan 138cc No Oil Pumping out.

    You don't have to open the clutch cover, the plugs are outside the engine. There was a thread about this in some british or australian forum, but i'm not able to find it anymore. I found this picture. I hope it helps you. There is a...
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    Lifan 138cc No Oil Pumping out.

    In some Lifan engines there are two plugs at the engine cases near the cylinder base (clutch side). If they are not connected to each other with a hose there will not be oil coming to the head.
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    Do people do leakdown tests on these little bikes?

    If you choose to take the cam sproket off, it is good to turn the piston to bdc (down) by hand holding the cam chain tight with your fingers before applying any air pressure. Othervise the chain might be jammed somewhere when the crank is turned fast by air pressure.
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    Do people do leakdown tests on these little bikes?

    It can be done as well as in bigger engines. You have to figure out a way to lock the engine at TDC, as the air pressure will try to push the piston down and then either valve could be a little bit opened. Or I think it is easier to take the cam sprocket off, so the cam wont turn even the crank...
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    ST50 Shift Pattern

    I have a st70 imported from Germany. It had 1 up, then one kick down N, second kick 2, third kick 3. Very strange shift pattern. When opening the engine I saw that the neutral notch in the shift star was as high as 1, 2 and 3 notch. So I figure the transmission is build to act like that. In...
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    Five speed Dax motor?

    Or maybe 6-speed? with a dry clutch!
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    update on 120cc

    That's cool. But soon you'll be thinking maybe a little bit faster would be better. It is nice to read about your ct build process, it becoming faster and faster.
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    special thanks to racerx and Pony Express

    If I remember right, you wrote that you had troubles getting the vm 26 dialed with 110 cc engine. How does it work with the 120 cc engine, was it easy to get running right?
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    Tb cam update

    How much advance? I'm still interested in exact figures how many degrees of total ignition advance is used on more tuned engines (for example cyclerider 57's 124se)? Could someone give exact figures of full advance 28, 35, 42 degrees?? @ what rpm. Or maybe it is well kept secret achieveved by a...
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    Tb cam update

    Sounds great. Maybe i'll be able to use the z40, it will take some time though, still winter here.
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    camshaft selection

    Nice to hear you got your engine running! I'm very curious to hear what kind of performence you got. Are you able to ride at small rpm, near idle, or does the engine stall (in lower gears, when no need to accelerate). Higher rpm power will surely be great. You didn't do modifications to the...
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    About cdi ignition

    What kind of ignition advance does a standard cdi ignition have? I dont mean exact degrees, but is there some kind of curve (for example idle 20 deg, upper rpm 25 deg) or is the advace fixed, same all rpms?
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    camshaft selection

    Both and list z40 wilder than z28. (at Rovaza you have to create an account to be able to browse their products) I found z40 and R20 specifications on a german site...
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    camshaft selection

    Z40 is wilder than z28 (I know you know, just a mistake). I'm also thinking about buing a new cam, and I'm going to buy either of them. My engine is pretty close to Milspec's but 110cc (52x52) and 24 mm Mikuni (so called 24, oval venturi equal to 21mm round). I'll maybe use z28, because mainly...
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    Help posting pics

    test Just testing how to insert a picture. (A polished clutch cover)