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    Random questions

    WOW Japan pine
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    What Ads are you seeing on the Site

    I get a girl in flannel pj’s with A mud flap .
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    Handle Bar Clamp Bent

    They were made to have a wider space for the speedo .
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    I have a gas tank ,don’t know the condition .1dent no rust on the outside cap is stuck on
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    Broken a tooth on my NOS 33T gear for my ST90

    All so a SL90 . You will also need the kick shaft , diff gear . In the process of splitting cases on a CL . The SL 90 was well abused, needed forks & shift drum gears were fine . Had to cut and break the cylinder in order to split the cases. Oh I forgot points advance was welded shut. Motors...
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    DNM Shocks

    Was wondering about a set of shocks DNM from TBparts. I weigh around a buck and a half these are gas , just trying to find out if these are good . Their around 280.00 .Big bucks to me.
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    Is anybody interested in a SL 90 rolling frame and CL free . That’s what I paid , I am in Monterey Area CA.
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    1975 CT70 Cam Chain Q's

    Came across same problem cam chain roller was a cheap one , would move back and forth. Rotate the flywheel and watch.
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    Update Winter Project

    I have read that a lot is lost in the hose & gauge . Don’t spray to much starter fluid in, it will wash the cylinder dry.
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    Finally!! A Honda CL100 Luggage Rack

    Hi here’s one off my ST needs a little cleaning
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    Flywheel & Stator 4 speed

    Was not for sure which bike, but knew not a ST 90. Just saw the $
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    Flywheel & Stator 4 speed

    Theirs a seller on the ST 90 site selling a stator & flywheel MIT item #284026055390 , also just a flywheel also a MIT . For ct 70
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    2 Batteries

    Thank you . Just trying to get away from acid battery, the game battery seem to stay longer.yes the camera does not drain it so fast.