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  • Give me a holler. I'm buying parts to fix that 142 nice and tjr are asking what crank you put in.

    chuck 985-707-4956
    Hello. My name is Lee and I am new to the forum. I live in Sterling and just picked up a fairly decent K0. I am trying to decide if I should resto the bike and could use some guidance on whether my bike is suitable for a resto. Are there many CT owners in NOVA and do y'all get together periodically?
    Tried to reply, but your mailbox is full. Please send that contact info over when you get a chance
    Sweet bike I've been entertaining the idea of getting a Nice. If you sell the roller let me know. Good luck with selling the whole bike.
    check paypal on bars and sp cover.........
    looking for chain guard, seat pan in good shape,exhaust,I will stay in touch u are not to far from me here in nc
    need your expertise,ive reassembled a 69 motor and I believe put the clutch together wrong.I cant find a good detailed picture anywhere.It slipps bad.Im questioning the inner assembly inside the discs,can it be assembled only one way
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