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    Electronic Ignition for S65

    Always get a chuckle when people don't want to mess with points it's like what? you adjusting them every time you put gas in? What's the advantage?
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    1969 CT70 K0 Flywheel problem

    Got me thinking which can be dangerous but I wonder that since the crank is wider on the 4 speed how did they keep the width of the engine the same? If it was wider the left side cover of a 3 speed would not fit a 4 speed. Wonder if the cover is actually made to fit the 4 speed and was used on...
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    1969 CT70 K0 Flywheel problem

    I went to check today and found I have no 3 speed cranks that aren't already in something. But I did find a old picture from kirrbby that shows the difference-
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    1969 CT70 K0 Flywheel problem

    Try measuring here and see if they are different. These are the engines that use the different cranks-CL70 SL70 XL70 don't know why they include all the models together because the others are different. I'll try to dig through my pile and measure them
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    1969 CT 70 brake rod
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    1969 CT70 K0 Flywheel problem

    Any way I thought new 3 speed cranks were not to be found- only the 4 speed ones were available.
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    Another no spark thread, what did I do, Newbie

    For the rest of you- Your not supposed to use points files. Todays points are plated not solid like in the past. Not saying you can't but figure on replacing them when you do. It is actually better to use contact cleaner and a piece of notebook paper- not the shiny magazine type paper that has...
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    Oops too late- glad you got it.
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    The pin that holds the clutch lever in the cover is here. Looks like your looking at a nail head. It is not like its pressed in- it just sits there. The round external cover holds it in. Maybe a pick and a magnet can get it out?
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    Right next to the right hand screw hole for the round cover plate is a pin that actually looks like a cut off nail- you will see the head of that "nail". Pull that out and the complete clutch actuating lever will come out. It is just a slip in fit. the cover when in place holds it in
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    Honda Suspends orders for 10 models

    That does not sound comforting, one would have thought we were getting back on our feet. The Mrs is shopping for new appliances and there naturally there is trouble there. Kind of surprising what is available and what isn't.
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    Honda Suspends orders for 10 models

    Thought this interesting-
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    New CT70K0 owner

    And thats why you need to check any old Honda before you try to start it. Happens all the time.
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    1981 ct70 Headlight / stop light questions

    I imagine if it's the same set up as the earlier models the headlights are AC powered so will not be on unless running. #2 should but the batteries are so undersized and or not fully charged that at times they seem lazy ie seem to react real slow.
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    Ct70 K0 mystery engine spring

    I'm thinking 13 as well- because 12 could not possibly end up in the engine case with out the clutch coming apart,but the other one sure could. Good catch