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Jul 20, 2008
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Huntington Beach Ca.
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Grant's trail

Member, from Huntington Beach Ca.

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Apr 1, 2020
    1. Joshua McQueen
      Joshua McQueen
      Grant, what's up?? You still alive on this forum?
    2. 03yz250
      Would you be able/willing to help a Huntington Beach neighbor out with a small task? Was wondering if you could freshen up the threads on a CT70 crank or recommend a shop that could.


    3. mechanicmike15
      Hey grant! its mike.I took a look at that custom ct70 of yours... ya beat me to it! i was gonna do the same thing with mine but was taking measurements of the bracket i would have to weld together . i know the 175cc twin bikes go approx. 125mph with gearing but in the rear just out of curiousity why didnt you use the rear wheel +rim so you could go that fast? just sayin because you made a custom swing arm. but any way lovin' it! STICK TOTHE ROOTS OF HOTRODDING!!!!!! =just a big a$$ engine that runs with verry litte wiring and light body. :P
    4. jcmem8
      Grant your CT70H is COOOOL! You must have spent ages in the garage. Don't you guys have to have indicators to register a bike over there? Whats the top speed ? I got my Z50 going, starts first kick now, but a bit more power would be nice.Jcmem8:-)
    5. Grant's trail
      Grant's trail
      Sorry about deleting these message's Thought it would save them somewhere else.
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    Huntington Beach Ca.
    Mold maker
    Current Bikes:
    71' ct70h 160cc, 69 silver tag ct70, 70' ct70h, 69 black tag CT70, XR1200 Harley Davison
    Hotrods, cars motorcycles anything with a engine.


    :red70: :yellow70:
    "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm!" (Ak Miller)

    69 KO Ruby Red Black tag stock
    69 KO Saphire Blue silver tag all stock
    70 HKO Emerald Green 88cc
    71 HKO Blue Green 160cc
    09 Harley XR1200

    Winner of the Golden Cylinder Award