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  • Congratulations! Your bikes are great...I love seeing guys coloring outside the lines with these little critters. I'm a Michigander too...Novi. I'll say hello if I see one of your bikes out somewhere.
    That's cool, i just like the lower fender style, kinda looks European. Yep when my Lifan gives out I'm gonna give some serious considerstion to the Nice motor.
    Hey nice bike I like the tire's and those shock look different then the one's my friend got from Trail Buddy (maybe longer) I need to get up there and see what they have. did you buy the bike that way or bought parts and put it together yourself
    No, But I finish my friend Jeffs bike.I've been real busy at work lately.
    Ya we have to go for a ride I've ran out of $ for my CCTOAB, but I have my daily rider. I'm hoping to get my other one running by July. You can call me at 269-808-2174
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