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  • "Been there, done that, have the T-shirt".... that's one serious wake-up call! Still a little early to return to complacency but, you'll stay on top of this long enough to know when everything reaches a point of stability. Most fasteners will rattle loose within the first 50 miles, if they're going to. A few will sometimes take longer. In my experience, 100-200 miles should be plenty to figure out which, if any, have that nasty tendency...and make corrections. Beyond that, anything that vibrates loose can be considered more or less a freak occurrence.

    It still pays to check fasteners, once in a while. There are some natural checkpoints: spring dust-off, any time you need to loosen/remove a wheel or tweak the brakes, or you find a loose fastener by chance. But, no need to lose sleep over nuts & bolts jumping ship at random. It doesn't happen often. Fresh lockwashers, alone, should keep your wheels firmly attached. Adding a little blue Loctite should cure any insomnia.
    Hey Ray, there looks to be a pretty good set of wheels (already blasted & painted cloud silver) on ebay right now. 0 Bids, starting $25 + $12 for shipping.
    HONDA CT70 RIMS - eBay (item 200584378009 end time Mar-12-11 14:36:38 PST)
    sure thing, haven't gotten to it yet because I'm working on the 350, but I'll post updates when I get to the 70
    I am a new member and notice one of your machines is a blue K0. I was wondering if you had any pics. I have one also however the guy I got it from horribly/incorrectly so called restored it and I am looking for any reference pictures I can find.

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