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May 28, 2009
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Davison, Mi.
Carpenter/paintertinsmithmillwright in training.

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    1. tom0762
      kirrbby, just wondering what happened to racerx/??? i haven't seen any of his feedback for awhile
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      2. RMHRC
        I second that. What happened to racerx ?
        Jun 29, 2021
    2. Robert thran
      Robert thran
      Hey Kirrbby , called the hydro dipper today but he didn’t answer...I left him a message to call me at his earliest convenience...I’ll keep you posted when he does...
    3. Renosteve
      Hello, was wondering if you still had a lot of parts for sale? If so do you happen to have any ST90 Parts?
    4. rfranks
      Hey Kirrbby I bought some motors off you a while back. I live down in Toledo and was wondering if you might have a HKO frame kicking around? I have one that has a rot spot in it. Hope all is well? Thank you
    5. paul C
      paul C
      Hello Kirby. Thanks for your time and kind offer to help me look for my new project. My phone number is 810 602 9843 . I would like to see what you have that is available. Please give me a call when you are available to talk and take a visitor.
      Thanks again for your help

    6. Anthony Campano
      Anthony Campano
      Hi kirrbby you seem to know a lot about clones. Please give me your honest opinion on my 03 jenching trail 70 buy. It has 26 original miles on it and looks like new I paid 400.00 for it someone offered me 1000.00 I’m going to keep it what I’ve read the Honda CT70 group seems to think that this was one of the better clones you’re comment please. Thx Anthony. .
      1. kirrbby
        Hi Anthony.
        I really don't know much about the clone bikes, other than what I've read and seen here over the years. But, I do know that you did verry well buying that one for 400. You can get that bike up and running, then just ride it, making repairs and improvements as the need arises...same as with ANY bike.
        Welcome to the addiction. But be careful, little Honda's seem to multiply.
        Aug 19, 2019
    7. Chrisqa
      Thank you kirrbby. I'm new and trying to figure out this website how to like a post and other stuff like that. How do I post something for everyone to see? An idea about an experiment for example
    8. RickyRacer
      Hey Kirrbby - Sorry to bother, but I wanted some wisdom from a fellow Honda lover and I see your Buddha and figured... THIS is the guy with wisdom and knowledge! Running into some financial issues.. where would you price my 1991 CT70 with 540 original miles.. and it IS like new.... ANY response and guidance - much appreciated... Thanks- Rick in PA
    9. ArcticMinibike
      Is it normal for a condenser to have continuity from the outside case to the center pole when installed and the points are closed? Mine is new but maybe I overheated it? With both coils and the points wire installed, I get continuity from the condenser case to the center of it.
      1. kirrbby
        Yes it is. When the points close, it connects the points wire, that goes to the condenser, to ground.
        May 23, 2018
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      2. ArcticMinibike
        Thanks! You've been very helpful through this 2-year project! In a panic for an event this weekend (can’t take chances) I ordered an entire stator rebuild kit. Expensive, and likely unnecessary, but the wiring on my coils and harness pigtail were in very rough shape. Multiple bare wire spots. Likely repairable but for $45, an acceptable piece of mind. Sad thing, I now have a spare condenser, points....and coils. :)
        May 23, 2018
    10. vintagehondatrailbikes
      Hi Kirrbby, I received the eBay stuff. Thanks!
      I am wondering if you have any H K1 engines or numbers side cases? I'm looking for a 203284 or something close.
      Let me know.
    11. Roadrash
      Kirb, I just picked up a 1970 CT70 that needs some attention and I really don't know where to start, do you recommend getting a repair manual? I was told it ran a couple years ago but it definitely looks like it has some wiring issues.
    12. Emerald H
      Emerald H
      Hey Kirby looking for brake plates
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    Davison, Mi.
    Carpenter/paintertinsmithmillwright in training.
    Current Bikes:
    3-71" Z50's red yellow blue, and some CT70's too.
    Dad, Husband, Grampa, Dogs, Old Chevy Pickup, Little Honda Motorcycles.


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