Jul 10, 2005
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    1. Beretta
      Dow do I make a donation without Pay Pal ?
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    2. Donald_50
      I was unaware that I can Only post 420 characterises?!?
    3. Donald_50
      2014 Grom Ohlins front end with 12 inch Tyres & Wheels & Disc Brakes!

      YES...I am open for "Suggestions/Corrections"!?!

      Cheers, Donald
      P.S. (Finally, a few of Jamie...HymieP parts will be put too work)!
    4. Donald_50
      What about "Ported & Polished Head"? Bigger valves? And which cam?
      I believe I wanna make "Horsepower"... I believe $2750.00 to $4,250.00 (U.S. Dollars)!
      I am 5ft. 10inches...200lbs.
      Cruise & Commuter bike...
      I have 12inch Grom Tyres & Wheels...
      "G'Craft Aluminum Swing Arm (+2cm)!
      "Ohlins...Macho Rear Shocks...Disc Brakes...for the Rear!
    5. Donald_50
      Hello RacerX,
      I finally got some money together...
      I would like too purchase a "Honda NICE 110"...
      I believe I would like to go with a "154cc" (I believe I read that is what you have)?!?

      Do I go On-Line with PJR out of Germany?
      I like the side cover with the "Mini Oil Filter"!
      And on the other side...I want the "65 Amp Stator" that is offered
    6. Adam26
      Hey racerx
      I got a 2003 Rupp Scrambler trail 90 and I need some parts for it.
      I think I read somewhere you had collected some parts or bikes maybe from that time ? Any chance you can help me ?

    7. JRuw91
      What’s the difference between a Dax seat and Ct70 Ko seat? I’m looking to get a kepspeed Dax leather lower profile seat for my Ct70. The only place I can find one is is from the UK so I wanted to make darn sure it would fit before I ordered it. They mentioned the locking mechanism on the seat was different. Key instead of leather.
    8. JRuw91
      What would be the best way to go about taking off and replacing the decals on the frame of Ct70 Ko? Just the Honda decals I want replaced.
      1. racerx
        Gentle heat, no more than ~125F, and a LOT of patience. Start at one end, lift & pull...slowly. Most of the adhesive should stick the the old decal. roll what remains, using your fingers. Cleaner formula paste wax is a safe means of dissolving the last of the adhesive residue. Wash the area with detergent & water, to strip the paste wax, in preparation for the new decals.
        Jan 13, 2018
    9. David Albright
      David Albright
      My first project K2 70 bought partially disassembled handle bar seems to be original but there are no perches for the brakes, also came with a couple different on off switches and light switches can't find a photo of what is supposed to be there, schematics show there should be perches for brake?
    10. gregkcheeseburger
      Hi Bob,I hope you can answer a question,im putting together a 76 CT70 and the motor was apart,the transmission is intact but there are no thrust washers or spacers on ends of trans shafts,If I remember each shaft has a copper washer and theres one spacer,I cant find any of the parts dealers that have these in stock
    11. etouzin
      Hi Bob.
      I noticed my neutral and high-beam lights are not on with the engine running.
      Where should I start?
      I apologize if this belongs in a forum, but very new here. I don't even know how to start a forum!
    12. rkautz4
      is "the last place on earth" building the general store in Cooke City, MT ?
    13. airblazer
      Hi Bob,

      Where did you get your wide-stance bars from for your purple bike? Thanks!

    14. darrel gunderson
      darrel gunderson
      Bob, some how I screwed up my avator etc... I cant see any pic of me or other people? What did I screw up?

    15. Razzo
      Hey Bob!

      Great to see you again at Mid-O! Hope you had a good trip home. That heat was unreal. Hope its better next year.
      Take care, Mike
    16. racerx
      The amount of idle time varies. I've run into this same thing, losing posts, too,
      I'll pass the information along and see what can be done. On behalf of the LH staff, all apologies for the inconvenience.

      From the forum administrator:
      "First and foremost, I would recommend selecting "keep me logged in" when signing into the site. If it still times out, then you may have some bad cookies and I would suggest clearing the cookies on your computer."

      The time you spend typing & editing a post is considered "inactivity" and the clock starts ticking. You should have ~15 minutes, but glitches do occur. The vbulletin platform is good, not perfect. Copying your un-posted message can prevent loss, should your session time-out. If you do this, then the worst you'll have to deal with is simply pasting the message once you log-in.
    17. hardlyrider
      Hey racerx:

      Is there anyway I can get a little more idle time on this forum without being auto logged out? Twice I have started a new thread, only to be interrupted with work. (Imagine the audacity). I come back to the computer, continue typing, hit "post message" and find out I am not logged in. No problem to log back in, but I loose everything. Very frusterating, even when I'm just looking around.

    18. hondaCT701972
      Not sure if u have Moderation for the For sale or wanted area, I dont have it, but my thing is i think we should clean up what has been sold and what is wanted that the person bought or got... seeing alot of old posts that are going way back.. just a thought
    19. hondaCT701972
      well i got the the bolts on nice and tight, got back on it , got alittle scared going , every 5 mins in would look down to see if there still on, but man it wakes you up when that happens... thanks again
    20. MCM
      Thanks again for all the help!

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