Jul 10, 2005
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    1. knucklebuster2
      Hi Racer, didnt I see somewhere oin the posts that you rebuild heads,if so how much do you charge I have about 4 that I would like valves reworked and brought up to date,Thanks Greg
    2. racerx
      Look under the "projects & builds" tab...first sticky is the photo thread.
    3. Joemooney0209
      I would like to post a link to all my pics via Windows Live. What would be the best place to do this and how do I do it. I am a newbie.
    4. racerx
      Don't know about that one. Adding another folder is simple enough, keeping yet another division of "for sale" from adding confusion might not be. What's there already, imo, dilutes the effectiveness of member ads and there's not much value in ads the don't bring results...even if they're free.

      Since this is largely a matter of opinion, perhaps the best way to approach it is by starting a thread in the "gastank" folder. If feedback in mostly in favor of it, then we have some basis to move forward. However, ultimately the decision rests with Tiedgen.
    5. hondaCT701972
      Have you considered adding a section for items up for sale that is non ct70 related... The reason i ask i have a 4 wheeler i am looking to possibly get rid of, just a thought.
    6. racerx
      You got me thinking, a dangerous thing to do- LOL - Unless your view is different than mine, as a moderator, you should be able to simply click on the "edit" button, same as anywhere else in the forum. If you're unable to do so, drop me a note and I'll assist. Can even make the edit for you failing all else.
    7. rick56
      Is there a way to edit a post in the for sale thread once its in?
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