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  • There's no thrust washer between the blind end of the kickstart shaft and the LH case half. That's always struck me as odd, too. No point arguing with 5 decades of success, I reckon the Honda engineers knew what they were doing. Fact is, the shaft doesn't spin many total revolutions (in its lifetime, not just rpm) and it's basically submerged in oil. Once the engine fires, the pinion gear disengages and the entire kickstart assembly becomes static. No motion, no wear; there's not a whole lot of thrust generated when kicking the engine over, either.

    Just follow the exploded drawing (p32 of the parts book) and you can stop worrying. The splines/kickstart arm are where the failures usually occur. I've seen a few pinion gears with broken teeth, from slap-kicking, those have been few & far between. A case that's worn by contact with the end of the kickstart shaft, from thrust-generated friction, is something I have yet to run across.
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