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    How old when U bought/owned your 1st CT70?

    31 years old when I got mine And I am still having fun on that bike. I was riding it tonight! Tim
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    I have the tool box,rear fender, skid plate that all that is left. PLease contact me direct at Tim
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    Changed a Lifan Manual to Auto clutch

    Well how does it work? I am very interested in this mod. Thanks Tim S
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    parts needed for 1967 ct -90

    Whaere is a good place to get parts for the 1967 ct 90 that I have Its missing the air box and intake tube from the air box to the carb Thanks Tim S
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    I have a st90 that is for parts only so if you need something please let me know Thanks Tim in san diego
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    running weak

    :rolleyes: Scratching head Wonder if I should spray my motor with water then wd-40 then adjust my points to fix my problem? Tim
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    1972 Throttle Cable

    check to site hondaman mentioned. I have seen the grey cables out there if you want the original look. I also recived a cable (front brake) that did not directly bolt in. I needed to make a few small mods for it to work! Tim S
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    Tranny Problem

    I may be way off but my idle was too high and it was making it hard to shift from neutral to first. worth a try? Tim
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    EXPIRED ST-90 Parts Bike Sorry not ct-70

    Still have the bike I will take it apart and sell it peice by peice or how ever you want it Let me know what you need or if you want me to ship it to you part by part Tim
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    Linky No Worky! Check address and repost! Thanks Tim
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    Helpful links to get parts ! is also good Thanks Tim
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    ST90 Motor in a CT-70

    I think that I can sell all the stuff I have and buy the big bore kit! I will not be cutting or modding the frame at all. I want to keep the value up as this is a nice bike. Thanks Tim
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    kick start only spins clutch at times

    I just got around to changing the oil to 10-30 castrol from delo 15-40 THen I rode it around for about 2 miles to circulate the oil. It may be in my head but the motor feels like it has a bit more power. SO I let let cool down and try to kick it and the same problem! Clutches spin but not...
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    ST90 Motor in a CT-70

    Thanks for all the replys! I am leaning to the 88cc kit. I don't want to mod the frame! Now I guess i will have a few engines for sale! Tim