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  • The first real minibike from Honda made exclusively for the dirt was the Z50 Mini-Trail in 1968. Looking much like a deformed bug, the three-speed unit had fold-up handlebars so the bike could be easily stuffed in the trunk of a car.

    With a total sale of 450,000 units, the Z50 still holds the record as American Honda's all-time best-selling bike, and is responsible for introducing off-roading to more youngsters than any other single model.
    The CT70, known popularly as the trail 70, was yet another unbreakable fat-tired machine. Powered by a 72cc four-stroke with a three-speed auto clutch (or four-speed manual clutch), this unit was a favorite of hunters and fishermen, as well as fortunate kids. The CT70 was released on 6/26/69. The first units displayed a silver mfg. tag on the front fork neck. Later in September, a black VIN tag displayed the production serial number and the month/year of manufacturing. The CT70 was Honda's biggest seller for a single year, with nearly 100,000 CT70s sold in 1970 alone and ranks as Honda's third best all-time selling model with over 380,000 units sold
    Happy New Year Everyone!
    This is my virgin post on the Planet and wanted to introduce myself.
    George is my name and restoration of Vintage Honda Trail Bikes is my game. I live in Minneapolis Brrrr! and blow my spare time on my passion. I'm dedicated to keeping these little beauties from yesteryear on the trails. It looks like I'm in the right place. I posted a photo gallery album of my specialty which is CT70's 1969-1972. Nothing Chinese (not that there is anything wrong with that) Only original Honda. Always looking for spare parts and tired "H" models. I'll see you around.

    G :red70:
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