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  1. Tripod

    ST50 Idling to solve this one?

    Are you able to visually see the idle screw moving the slide up with either the carb off the bike or the air box off? Maybe the wrong carb slide or some mix of oem and aftermarket. From your description it sounds as if the slide is so low in the carb that it isnt getting enough air/fuel.
  2. Tripod

    Ct70H K-O Roached / Patina / barn find build

    Really cool. I think the paint is simply a reflection of the age. Give it some credit! I'd swap that tire out asap. Nothing wrong with new rubber.
  3. Tripod

    What Year is this CT70

    Its a k0. Nice bike.
  4. Tripod

    Ct70 choke lever identification?

    Its basically a ct90 carb that honda pulled from the parts bin in order to save money in the design of the st90. The ct90 is a true trail bike. The carb is designed for a ct90 starting out at low elevation then traveling up in the mountains. Pull the lever as the air thins out and keep riding...
  5. Tripod

    Ct70 choke lever identification?

    The altitude knob is missing the black pull knob. Once you hit elevation, pull the knob and it allows extra air into the carb. The adjuster is like a plunger with a rubber plug at the base. Pull it and it exposes two holes in the casting that allow the extra air in. At least that's how i...
  6. Tripod

    69 minitrail 50 - carburetor

    Ebay. They are pricey. There is a difference in k0/k1 and k2. It matters if youre looking for a 100% correct resto. If not, either work.
  7. Tripod

    aftermarket 70 z50 gas tanks

    I bought a couple from tampa. Not worth the time and effort. Super wavy. If youre going to need to spend time on body work, may as well do it once and end up with a nice oem tank.
  8. Tripod

    Ct70H K-O Roached / Patina / barn find build

    I think its perfect.
  9. Tripod

    K2 front triple tree on K1 for use with dratv 50% stiffer front forks

    Dratv site just says 50% stiffer. No mention of damping. Its a complete leg replacement, not a spring swap.
  10. Tripod

    Taillight Bracket/Fender Problem

    Maybe its made for a later k1 with the "ski jump" taillight bracket. Gotta love chp. o_O
  11. Tripod

    Honda CT70 exhaust repair

    Repairing the rusted spot and lengthening it for a 125. Nice.
  12. Tripod

    K1 K29A carburetor vs K1 replacement carburetor?

    You will need a k2+ intake manifold if you are swapping out a four screw carb. The four screw intake is offset at an angle while the k2+ is almost parallel with the ground. And a new isolator and gaskets.
  13. Tripod

    K-1 exhaust pipe soak for rust removal an restore

    Interesting. I like the use of the road cone. You said you used evaporust in the past. You like this more? How toxic is it?
  14. Tripod

    K1 K29A carburetor vs K1 replacement carburetor?

    You have a repop china carb there. The ct90 k1 came with either a t90ka (oddball four screw) or a k29a (two screw) keihin carb. Finding a rebuild kit for what you have will be hit or miss. Swapping a replacement carb like you said is just a matter of getting it to mate up with the intake...
  15. Tripod

    Ct90 out of a long storage

    How many did they make? 450k? The ct110 would be ideal with its 12v and cdi. Yep the step through is like a larger version of the Chaly.
  16. Tripod

    Ct90 out of a long storage

    There sure are alot of parts available. Its a nice change of pace.
  17. Tripod

    CT70 K2 Fork Ears

    I saw a set of k2 ears pop up on ebay today. Not cheap, but cheaper than clean k3-76 ears.
  18. Tripod

    Ct90 k1 carb overflowing

    I have a ct90 k1 with the early "oddball" carb. T90 KA. From my research, its on early k1 and then they switched to a two screw fuel bowl similar to a ct70 k0-77 carb for the rest of the k1 run and up. That is the k29 carb. The fuel bowl has four screws to...
  19. Tripod

    Ct90 out of a long storage

    I pulled my ct90 out of storage with the idea of getting it running and selling it. Now im not so sure i want to sell it. I purchased it along with a z50 k1 for somewhere between 5-600$ in 2015 i think. I didnt really want it but I really wanted the hard tail so what the hell. According the...
  20. Tripod

    CT70 K2 Fork Ears

    Those look like k1 ears.