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    “Live” 1979 Honda z50 build on YouTube.

    I’ll be going live tonight on my YouTube channel. Nov 21, 2022 at 6:30pm est. I’ll be assembling a 1979 Honda z50 that I’ve been cleaning up over the past few weeks.
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    Rusty bead breaking tool

    I apologize if someone has posted this tool before. I’ve had for nearly a year and used it a few days ago for the first time. A little pricey, but well worth it, if you’re pulling old tires off on a regular basis.
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    Icebear Champion 125cc - tire size & top speed

    I recently picked up a 2022 IceBear Champion 125cc (CT70 clone) and have been playing with modifications and upgrades. My results to this point: Stock carb, exhaust and tires: 47.1 mph Molkt carb, drilled exhaust, stock tires: 53.5 mph Molkt, drilled, 4.00 - 10 Trailwings: 56.2 mph Molkt...
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    2022 Amigo Rocky vs 2022 IceBear Champion

    I picked up two CT70 clones and will be comparing the two over the next few months on my YouTube channel.
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    Honda SL70 with 125cc Lifan.

    Buyer was a no-show on a Honda SL70. Instead of rolling it back into storage, I rolled it up onto the build table.
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    Honda CT70K0 with 110cc engine

    I still have a couple of finishing touches, but took my latest build for a spin. This is the final video in a 5 video series.
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    Honda CT70 shock disassembly

    I may have post a similar video before, but I had to disassemble some shocks, so I thought I’d film it again.
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    Simple wiring for aftermarket 12v engines

    I pulled this aftermarket Honda clone engine off of a recent CT70 purchase. One of my YouTube subscribers ask for a video to see if it would run. Here is a video on just how simple the wiring needs to be to allow one of these engines to fire.
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    Rebuilding a Z50 K3 with used and random parts

    Z50’s are a little outside of my normal area of build projects. I typically stick with CT70 and bigger horizontal Honda’s, but this looked like a good challenge. The goal was to build a rider with as little expense as possible.
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    Honda XL70

    Pulled a Honda XL70 out of storage a couple days ago. Spent 4 hours fixing, cleaning and turning it into a rider. I’ve attached a video, for those that are interested in watching the process.
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    Honda CT70 exhaust repair

    Simple repair for a common problem area on a CT70 exhaust. I main objective of the video was to share the size of the round tube needed for the repair…..1”od x .063”wall round tube.
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    Lifan engine swap - start to finish

    All the parts installed totaled $450. I would have swapped sprockets, if I had them. Bike does high 40’s mph with current setup. A 16/33 combo would push closer to 55mph. I chose to stay stock exhaust, but something free flowing would also increase performance. Sorry, this is a long video.
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    Lifan wiring..... running without lights

    If you aren’t worried about lights, this video shows just how easy it is to get your Lifan engine to run.
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    1977 Honda CT70 with Lifan 125

    I’m currently building a 77 CT70 with a Lifan 125cc semi-automatic on my YouTube channel. If these type of videos interest you, go take a look. There 4 videos on this build, so far.
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    CT70 / Lifan racer

    Took my Lifan powered CT70 to our local flat track for some Halloween shenanigans. They built a make shift moto coarse in the infield and offered 10 different classes of bike races. The mini bike class was the largest and the fan favorite.
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    Lifan Pony 100cc

    If you're not on Facebook or the other Mini forum, I purchased one of the new Lifan Pony 100cc bikes. I was ask to write a review of my experience purchasing the bike and an overview of the bike itself. Below is my first review: 9/19/15 I have a bike! This will be the first of a couple of...
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    Posting privileges

    I received a message from forum member Spizz on another site. He says he signed up on here in April, is an approved member, but can't post or send messages. Would one of the admins please look at his account and contact him on what he needs to do to become an active member. Thanks.