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    parts needed for 1967 ct -90

    Whaere is a good place to get parts for the 1967 ct 90 that I have Its missing the air box and intake tube from the air box to the carb Thanks Tim S
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    I have a st90 that is for parts only so if you need something please let me know Thanks Tim in san diego
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    Best 88cc kit

    Ok after many days or contemplation I think that I may just go with a 88cc kit So who makes the good ones. Do I need to upgrade the carb? I just dont want to change the throttle add a petcock buy a new throttle cable. What do you guys think is the most complete good quality 88cc upgrade kit...
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    Testing a ignition coil for 1966 ct90

    Anyone have any idea how to test this coil. I have no spark at the plug and have tried 2 diffrent plugs. There is no spark at the points. The wiring is a mess on this bike and I have no idea if there is a off switch somewhere.I cant find a engine kill switch unless its the red dot on the low and...
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    ct-90 ct110 st70 st 90 forum all in one?

    CAn we get a general older honda trail bike forum I think that the guy would like to share info on ct-90-110 and st70-st90s As I would like to and have questions. If not is it ok to post questions on these bike somewhere on this forum? Thanks Tim :red70:
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    kick start only spins clutch at times

    My bike will not kick over at times if its cold. I can push start it very easy. After the first start and I warm the bike up It starts first kick every time. I have adjusted the clutch as per the factory manual I loosened the lock nut backed the adjuster all the way out and then back in a 1/8...
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    EXPIRED ST-90 Parts Bike Sorry not ct-70

    I have a st-90 in poor condition it would be best for parts it is missing parts and not currently running,missing carb! If anyone is interested in parts or the whole bike let me know I have photos. I have no papers on this bike I am in san diego and will ship the parts. Tim
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    ST90 Motor in a CT-70

    OK So I have a 1976 st-90 that is in poor shape don't run missing parts ect the only thing missing on the motor is the carb I was thinking of taking the motor out rebuilding the top end and putting it in my ct-70 What do you guys think. MY ct-70 motor runs good but I was just looking for a bit...
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    Bigger Valves,head porting,exhaust mods,superchargers

    Has anyone here ported the head on the ct-70 or done a custom valve job for more power. I know that you can stroke them or bore them out but what about regular mods? I have even seen a page that has a supercharged motor. What is the best mods for the least money! Tim
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    My CT-70 is running funny story

    Ok I just purchased a very complete ct-70 minus the turn signals for a wopping $50. A bit rusted and weathered but workable! I put fuel in it ans it poured out so I ordered $120 worth of parts from While waiting for parts The front tire was flat so My son(Alex) and I restored it...
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    72 ct-70 have questions

    I can buy a 1972 ct 70 that runs and looks good but will not shift in to gear The owner wants $650 for it and is local so there would be no shipping! What could be wrong. He said his son was riding and the it would not shift What do you guys think. It is a 3 speed auto not a 4 speed Thanks...
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    Fuel bowl drain screw

    I need a Fuel bowl drain screw for a 1977 ct-70 The ct-70 I just purchased is missing this screw Please help as I am rebuilding the carb and would like to run this thing this weekend Thanks again Tim S San diego Email