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  1. daxman

    About cdi ignition

    What kind of ignition advance does a standard cdi ignition have? I dont mean exact degrees, but is there some kind of curve (for example idle 20 deg, upper rpm 25 deg) or is the advace fixed, same all rpms?
  2. daxman

    water cooled engines Has anyone seen or used an engine like this? In fact I hope not, because I think water cooling + radiator doesn't belong to a small Honda. But it interesting to see what the Chinese have done.
  3. daxman


    I have a cdi conversion goin on. My bike is a 6v st 70, and I have a cdi conversion kit which can be used for 6v or 12v systen. I have a 6v regulator for the lightning circuit, but how about the charging circuit? Or does the original "orange" rectifier also regulate the voltage, or do I need...
  4. daxman

    Ignition timing?

    I have a tuned 110 cc engine and points type ignition. My flywheel and stator gives 12 degrees spark advance at idle and about 25 - 28 degrees at higher rpm, which is not very much. Some aftermarket CDI kits are adverticed to give 43 deg. at high rpm. Am I losing much power due to small...
  5. daxman

    Ignition timing

    For standard engine the factory recommendation is ok, but how about in a tuned engine? People with tuned engines, do you use standard timing or more advance?
  6. daxman

    O-rings cylinder base/head

    I know that there is one big o-ring on the oil return hole in the cylinder head and cylinder base gasket surfaces. Should there be some other o-rings on these gasket surfaces? Which are the correct locations? Thank you for the answers!
  7. daxman

    Transmission / clutch interchangeability?

    Transmission: I have a 3 speed auto clutch engine. Is it possible to install 4 speed transmission (from a manual clutch engine) in the cases of this engine and still use the original auto clutch? Clutch: Is it possible to change between auto clutch and manual clutch just by swapping the right...
  8. daxman

    differences; short and long connection rod

    differences; short and long connection rod engines? I have a 110 cc kit (cranck, conn rod, piston, cylinder, head, stator and flywheel) which was sold for a short connection rod engine, and now I'm thinking if it can be used on log rod engine. What are the actual differences between these two...