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  1. TrailRyd3r

    Custom 1970 Honda CT70 HKO Build

    Haven't posted in a long time. I sold my 2004 Redcat last summer and I told myself I would build another one soon after. I miss riding it. This one will be starting with a true 1970 Honda frame which I had powder coated a dark candy red. It has some real nice sparkle in the sun. :16: Just going...
  2. TrailRyd3r

    EXPIRED PitBull Mini Bike

    2006 Pitbull 50cc. Brand new bike. Comes with turn signals also. Very fun little bike to ride. $650 Local Pickup please :)
  3. TrailRyd3r

    My Dads CT70 Build

    Well now that my bike is done, my dad is anxious to get his going. He has a 140cc motor for it too. He got the bike with no original motor, but no big deal, the frame is pretty much brand new along with the seat and all the other parts. We just started yesterday messing with it. Motor Bolted...
  4. TrailRyd3r

    EXPIRED Reproduction Honda Trail 70 with 110cc

    Selling our brand new Trail 70 with a 110cc. Bike is brand new, I tore the plastic off the seat today. It only has 17 miles on it, we ride them a bit to make changes and make sure the are dialed in. :) 2006 Repo Trail 70 110cc with Electric Start Centrifugal Clutch Baffle Removed from exhaust...
  5. TrailRyd3r

    Finally, my 140cc lives!!

    Got it going finally, thanks to my dad too for all his hard work and help. Had to completely rewire the entire bike, all new Lifan Hooper Imports harness, my harness would not match up with the new 140cc motor. It took a bit, but its all worth it now. This motor feels VERY powerful, it will...
  6. TrailRyd3r

    140cc Motor here today!

    Man, I am so excited. My dad and I are getting 2 new 140cc motors in today. Both are 4 speed manuals. I will be putting mine on friday night. Just had to share!:)
  7. TrailRyd3r

    EXPIRED 110cc Lifan Motor!

    Getting a new 140cc motor this week for my yellow bike, so I will not be needing this 110cc motor. It is an automatic 4 down motor. Has had only Honda racing oil in it since new. Only 500 miles on the motor. $150
  8. TrailRyd3r

    Our old CT70's

    I know you guys think that I just have Repo bikes only, so I wanted to show you all that we do have alot of the originals also, I took these pics a few months ago in my dads garage when he first moved in so they were kinda packed in. (My dad has a TON of tools and stuff) we have some more not...
  9. TrailRyd3r

    Yup I'm back

    Well I posted a little while ago that this wasnt the place for me, but I guess there is no other board like this around, and I guess I do like it here and all you guys are cool. I feel like I can help alot with the Repo bike section, I am getting very good working on them and their typical...
  10. TrailRyd3r

    Moving On

    Decided this wasnt the place for me, see everyone later.
  11. TrailRyd3r

    Board Apology

    I just wanted to say I am sorry for getting mad at some people on this board in that stupid thread I made, I was just having a bad day. And I took it out on this place. I am no way like that in life, I am here to help with all I can and learn just as much, I am young, so sometimes I may seem...
  12. TrailRyd3r

    Brand New CT70

    Nothin like a new 70 straight out of the box:D Take about an hour to put together and then I was riding it, very nice bike. It will be very fast once it is broke in. 2006 Hooper Imports CT70 w/Lifan 110cc and small sprocket on back for 22% speed increase.
  13. TrailRyd3r

    Nice Weather, so had to ride Wheelies

    Since I got my new sprocket I have been getting very good at riding wheelies. I usually start off in first, here are some pics in my front yard last weekend. My brother riding one of my dads bikes, (he has crashed so many times)
  14. TrailRyd3r

    Need help with Tach install

    Just wanting to install a small tachometer on my bike. Is there any way to do this, what wire or wires would I tie into? Thanks for the help!
  15. TrailRyd3r

    New to this board

    Just wanted to say hey and this is a cool board, here is a pic of one of my bikes, (my fav)
  16. TrailRyd3r

    EXPIRED Trail 70 w/120cc 4 sale

    Brand new repo Red Trail 70 with a Lifan 110cc, never rode and still in the crate and box ready to ship to you. I will post pics if people are interested. Price is negotiable. $950+s&h Wes