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  1. mikejana

    1978 Mini-Trail 70 CT70

    Outhouse, Welcome. Cool 78. Not sure of your status in Japan. I lived there in the 80s and again in the 90s. I bought a CRM250 Honda, basically a 2 stroke MX bike with peanut lights and a headlight. No Battery. I was in the Military and had friends fly it to the US, only to have customs...
  2. mikejana

    Turn signals and indicator light in speedometer C70

    Not my schematic, only sharing, but I assume it is to let the "idiot" know they forgot to cancel the turn signal.
  3. mikejana

    Wiring Harness

    Thanks Kiirbby, I'll keep you updated. I went ahead and ordered the Trail buddy harness. What is your favorite source for the repop K3 type harness? I do like having the Honda key. Fatcaaat recommended the trailbikes CDI, only because he's never seen one fail. I have 2 CDI modules in...
  4. mikejana

    Wiring Harness

  5. mikejana

    Turn signals and indicator light in speedometer C70

    turn signal schematic
  6. mikejana

    Wiring Harness

    Thanks. The question is Any recommendation to source a complete Wiring Harness & CDI setup?
  7. mikejana

    Wiring Harness

    Other things keep getting in the way of this project. It's a restomod mostly from the leftover pile. I keep getting pulled away and distracted. 1977 CT-70 frame, Nice 142cc from Fatcaaat. all the bits that I thought were cool. I'm having some wiring issues. I'm actually good at, and enjoy...
  8. mikejana

    Started a CT70 mod / reproduction part store. What do you guys think?

    Just made another order with them, last order was great
  9. mikejana

    CT-70 speedometer drive

    Building a resto-mod with leftover pieces. I believe I have the wrong hub, nothing there to turn speedometer gear. Is there a gear I can install? or what do I need to acquire/replace to make this worK Thanks in advance.
  10. mikejana

    Skid Plate / Engine cradle for CT

    It's on the way, Thanks
  11. mikejana

    Skid Plate / Engine cradle for CT

    Anyone have a source for a repop skid plate/ Cradle? I guess I missed out on the CHP restock, they are out of stock again. Seems the same everywhere I look.
  12. mikejana

    ct70, taillight ?

    Been on the CHP wait-list for a while for a CT70 tailight. Can anyone recommend an alternate source for a nice tail light assembly? and handlebar controls? Thanks
  13. mikejana

    SOLD Honda nice 142cc engine

    sl70, not sure what year.
  14. mikejana

    SOLD Honda nice 142cc engine

    I'm working on it, it's going in a 77 CT with an old school candy powder coat. I travel so much that any single missing part delays me by weeks. Updates when it is interesting enough.
  15. mikejana


    Blessings, Its been a pleasure.
  16. mikejana

    Nice Engine

    My truck is at Dulles Airport. Picking it up Wednesday and driving south. Are any of the other Nice motors built and running? 321-794-6453 if you want to discuss it. Mike
  17. mikejana

    Wave 100/Nice 100

    You should not mess with this engine, it is too Nice.
  18. mikejana

    Ebay- bidders/buyers not paying

    28 thousand feedback at 100%- Amazing
  19. mikejana

    Nice Engine

    seeking a Honda nice motor Thanks