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    Sticky situation with registering CT70

    fill out the bill of sale that your wife/family member sold you the bike or vice verses.
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    Engine locked-mechanic error probable

    I sent you a private message, this message can be viewed at the upper right portion of the lilhoda webpage, next to your login name, the little envelope
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    Engine locked-mechanic error probable

    No way!!! Im in Manchester. I'd be happy to help you no charge, I also have a spare manual i could loan you
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    Engine locked-mechanic error probable

    welcome to lilhonda, we can get you straightened out, but "we" will have limitation over a keyboard and through a screen, do you have a repair manual? If not, I would invest in one, in my opinion I prefer the Clymer manual here is a link maybe even check your local library...
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    Here's a crazy motor that looks perfect for a CT
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    Chain size

    measure or look up the pitch length, do the math for "x" amount of pitches, ie 20, then measure the length over like "x" pitches ie 20, usually 10% is stretched, or lay on a clean floor in a straight line and push/pull back and forth, if it moves like train its junk
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    Lots For Sale, Very Few With Titles

    ask your dmv about a bonded title
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    CDI Conversion Timing Verification Question

    where did you get your cdi kit from? There are many out there and most are junk. More info on you setup would also help, stock head, hotter cam, carb size, jets, etc. I don't know if there is any documentation on degree of advance that was made public. The 4 speed Hitachi/Mitsubishi...
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    sounds like a Honda cl70 style stator plate? condenser on the high voltage coil and not under the magneto?
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    CT 70 choke help please.

    pilot jet only runs idle and about 1/8 throttle, then the main jet kicks in. It sounds like you have a lean condition when choke is open. could be low compression air leak needle clip setting wrong main jet size running a "free flow" air cleaner
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    Honda CT70 Bottom Tappet Cover Leaks

    yeah the oring on the cover should seal it, make sure the oring is proud/sticks past the cover.
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    What is this part?

    I think it is the neutral switht indicator.
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    1981 Honda C70 - Stumbles when given throttle, seems to misfire

    ok does it help or hurt to open/close the choke?
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    1981 Honda C70 - Stumbles when given throttle, seems to misfire

    Are you using the stock air cleaner assembly? you need to find out if the stumble/misfire is caused by a lean or a rich condition. You can do this by opening or closing the choke when the bike is stumbling/misfiring. Also low compression will cause hard carb tuning and adjusting.
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    Throttle cable friction - Could it be caused by loose (wobbly) pipe on top of carburetor?

    There should be a rubber boot that goes over that tube, which kind of holds the tube "centered" and the cable into the brass nut in your last photo. IMO the whole Honda ct70 throttle setup was lacking engineering. your best test would be, take the cable off at the handlebar leave the carb end...
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    good cylinder and piston

    is the head in great shape?? if not get their performance head too. TBW0385
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    Leaking air from the head

    serial number should be a 1984.
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    Leaking air from the head

    need to know the serial number so we can get a year, some years take both oring some years don't from what i saw in videos
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    Leaking air from the head

    What's the serial number on the motor, im not to familiar with the ct110s, but are the head nuts torqued properly?
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    69 CT90 oil leaking from crankcase vent

    you did set the valve lash at the "T"?