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    140cc pipe recommendations

    I finished my 1970 CT70 restore. It is fitted with a 140cc yx motor. I need a new pipe that flows well to take advantage of the motor. I would like some thing that looks stock but I am not sure if that is an option. Any suggestions?
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    Wheel bearing help needed

    I just put new bearings in my 1971 CT70 restore. The front bearings are are hard to turn and the wheel does not spin freely when the nut on the axle is tightened. I the axle guide tube is in the hub. I believe all the spacers are correct as well.
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    1970 and 1971 CT70 builds

    My brother and I are restoring these two bikes. This is our first time doing a CT70. And so it begins.
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    CT70 wheels- painted?

    I know the steel rims are painted. Why about the hub with the spokes on it? I plan on using Dupicolor paint. Do I ned a primer and clear coat? Gloss or satin? Thanks!
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    Is this frame repair ok?

    I just got a 1970 and a 1971 CT70. I am going to restore one and my brother is doing the other one. Mine was repaired under the bike near the stem. I am not sure but it almost looks like some one did a messy job of putting the stop back on. Do you think it will be ok
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    How do you fix this broken tab on the fork?

    The triangle shaped tab on the fork that holds a screw for the headlight is partially broken off of my brothers 1970 CT70.