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    CT70 Valve Cover stuck

    Six point socket and an impact wrench (air or electric) works well.
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    Atc 70 crank in a CT70H ?

    Thanks fatcaaat, they are both 6v systems. Both have the 41.4 stroke. I'm going to mic and measure them tonight after work, I'm thinking they're the same.
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    Atc 70 crank in a CT70H ?

    Hello all, I'm doing a complete rebuild on my ct70h . It has a bad crankshaft. I have a good 4 speed crank from an 85 atc 70, visually they look identical. Does any have experience or have done this swap ? Will it work ? Thanks for any responses .
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    Z50 Sprocket Availability

    I but a lot from northeast vintage cycle or , good selection good service.
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    carb issues

    It may not be a carb issue at all. Have you checked the gap on your points ? If they are to close it will throw your spark timing off and will minick a carb issue. I dealt with this issue, adjusted the points and it reved up.
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    Hello! Just bought 2 C70's

    Good luck with your project, I look at those bike as having a lot of "potential" , I've tackled uglier projects :)
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    picked up a few future projects

    I wasn't really looking for any new projects but these were to good of deal to pass up. 1969 Z50 (got it running) and two ZB50 haven't messed with then yet. Only have $500 into the three bikes.
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    CT70H First Build, A Wreck

    That is an awesome looking bike ! Great job !
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    70 CT70 K0 help

    Good luck with the H's... keep us posted.
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    Won't start

    Coils rarely go bad. I'd start by trying a new spark plug. Some times they will have spark out of the motor, but not under compression. Also be sure the spark is jumping the gap at the tip of the electrode and not down along the side. My Ct70H did this this spring, a new plug fixed it. So my...
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    What is this

    It may just be a three speed with the H decal, it looks kinda crooked. If its local a quick check of the VIN would tell you.
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    Preferred oil

    I run GN4 in all my bikes. Have used Valvoline and Castrol also.
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    $25000 you be the judge!

    Nice bikes, but a lot of stuff "not correct" with them. (for 20 some k)
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    What did you do to your CT70 today

    Wow, I've never came across one that bad :17:
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    Deal of the day, better act fast.
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    CONGRATS FOR THIS GREAT SITE. im a new guy around and need advice with motorcycle

    I've seen many and have fixed up worse bikes than this, but I've been turning wrenches my whole life. I would say go for it , what do you have to loose ? Like others have said start with doing a lot of reading and asking a lot of questions. Good luck with what ever you decide.;)
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    Help getting CT70 running

    Sounds pretty good now, like racer said, time for a test ride. Just don't forget that quick oil change after a rebuild.
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    Nice looking Z50
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    Holy Moly! Look what I found

    That's cool :)
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    1984 Honda CT70

    Nice looking bike. I'm sure it would clean up nicely. Rare one for sure.