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  1. Backinthedays

    Candy Yellow Special Paint

    If you go with Powder, check out Ayers Garage Custom Powdercoating Kevin has done several bikes for me and is currently working on another. He does exceptional work, fair price, fast turn around and stands behind his work like no other. You wont be dissapointed.
  2. Backinthedays

    Granddaughters QA50

    Grandson just turned 8 months old, I have a PW50 for him but grandma put her foot down and said not yet. So I bought him this for xmas.
  3. Backinthedays

    Granddaughters QA50

    Finally got the seat back and installed and she is done. I'll be firing her up this weekend and getting her ready for old Saint Nick to pick up and deliver:yellow70:
  4. Backinthedays

    QA50 wheels

    I have these brake hubs but no wheels. I just restored a bike and used two bike to make one. I do have a bunch of other very good parts if you can think of anything else you might need. I would take $10 plus shipping for these.
  5. Backinthedays

    Consensus on grinding valves

    I usually get by with lapping but I do cut them when needed, but I have to tools to do it so it's not a big deal for me to do. If you have to take them to someone I would agree it's probably cheaper and easier to just buy new ones. The tools are pretty expensive.
  6. Backinthedays

    Cleaning nut and bolts

    Like Kevin says, that kit works great for doing a few items but if you try to do every nut and bolt you will be putting in a lot of time. You need to get the rust off, clean the piece, then polish it to the shine you want and then clean it again, plate it (takes 5 to 10 minutes of plating time...
  7. Backinthedays

    Granddaughters QA50

    She has always wanted a pink motorcycle so I finally got around to building her one. Just waiting on the seat (guy doing the seat has my pink bars for color match) and she will be done. The seat will be black with her name in pink. All the metal was powder coated by Ayers Garage, the guy does...
  8. Backinthedays

    Beautiful Ruby Red Match

    What type of suace would go best with cooked bushing and what kind would taste better with raw bushings?
  9. Backinthedays

    Helicoil question

    I have been using the following ++ TIME-SERT Threaded inserts for stripped threads, threaded inserts, thread repair stripped sparkplug's, Ford sparkplug blowouts, threaded inserts threaded, repair stripped threads, stripped threads, inserts threaded inserts, Ford spark plug repair, it cost about...
  10. Backinthedays

    QA 50 info $$

    If it is what you want I would think so.
  11. Backinthedays

    Latest project (Early CT70K3)

    Ayers Garage Custom Powdercoating This guy has the color matching on CT's down. I have seen a bunch of his work and it looks great.
  12. Backinthedays

    Back At It!!! - Finally - Built a workstand for the CT70

    How do you get it up there?
  13. Backinthedays

    Broken Case

    Not sure what causes them to break, but I can assume it is from not using a torque wrench when tightening the bolt down. I did a little TIG welding practice this weekend fixing this very section. I welded it from both sides. I think it would be strong enough to use again.
  14. Backinthedays

    Rode CT to Indy Moto GP

    Looks like fun
  15. Backinthedays

    Clutch Nut and Flywheel removal is it clockwise or counterclockwise

    The nut loosens counter clockwise. The clutch should just slide off, but most I have done need a little help. I use a two jaw puller, doesn't take much to get it loose. You can usually turn the puller by hand and it will come off.
  16. Backinthedays

    How cool is this ?

    Looks like they are worth about the same, Dead or Alive!
  17. Backinthedays

    Stunning Candy Ruby Red Powder Coat

    johnsgm, don't forget to post some pic's of your progress. I can't wait to see what tthat bike looks like when finished.
  18. Backinthedays

    Stunning Candy Ruby Red Powder Coat

    Here is my next project. I am doing it for my 9 year old granddaughter. I will be sending it to Ayers Garage for powder coating. Tank and fenders will be hot pink, frame and pretty much everything else will be gloss black. I just wish he could do the fenders. I don't know if any of you have seen...
  19. Backinthedays


    I am sure you meant well by this statement, but there is nothing wrong with asking the price. He could want some ridiculous price that even a man with money would walk away from?
  20. Backinthedays

    Stunning Candy Ruby Red Powder Coat

    A question for those who have had stuff powder coated. Is it really tougher/scratch resistant than paint?