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    New carburetor throttle cable too short?

    It's very easy for the cable housing to slide down the cable when your moving the carb in and out. Feels like it's all tight and in place like it should be because the cable slides thru the handlebars which hold it in place, but often not the case and it's slid down. Hold the carb end of the...
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    New kid on the block, 1971 CT90 survivor.

    Yeah you should be able to get 40mph out of it. Make sure your high/low gearing selector is not in the "low" setting.
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    K2 front triple tree on K1 for use with dratv 50% stiffer front forks

    Are you looking at these forks? If you scroll down the page a bit, it has a bolt pictured there for sale and says "GET THIS BOLT IF YOU NEED THE FORKS FOR A K1 MODEL". So you can probably use them without getting a whole new front end. You could always email...
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    K1 K29A carburetor vs K1 replacement carburetor?

    I'm a little late to the discussion but wincycles sells a near perfect replica of the 2 hole, including altitude adjustment knob, matches right up with stock.
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    K2 front triple tree on K1 for use with dratv 50% stiffer front forks

    I'm 220lbs and I've used that 50% stiffer front end and it feels great. I've also used the 30% stiffer rear, makes the whole bike feel like new. I've also used the "VERY HEAVY DUTY REAR SHOCK SET"- I'd steer clear of that one. They are immovable, and huge. Basically turns your bike into a...
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    Picture progress of lil'Red's journey back to trail readiness.

    "A 30+ year old bike that purrs like a kitten and runs like a cheetah" <- more like 50+ years ;) The engine number "decoder" is the same as the frame. The numbers should be close (as yours are) but they won't be the same.
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    Picture progress of lil'Red's journey back to trail readiness.

    Tires look good ;) I like the silver duct tape on the black seat, and the black duct tape on the silver downtube cover. Looks like a fun project that'll keep you busy.
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    Honda sl70 dies when given throttle

    Have you tried moving the clip on the carb needle?
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    Honda builds the nicest mouse homes

    I spare no expense for my local mouse population- Mouse nest in my CT90 battery compartment. I've emptied this out multiple times, even driven it to other locations and parked it for a few days, and it keeps getting filled up. Either there's something in there that attracts different mice to...
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    Rattling, teardown and surprise

    Oh and that clutch holder tool is also made by the same guy that you replied to in the "Reassembling a CT90 Clutch Pack" post ;)
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    Rattling, teardown and surprise

    Clutch nut tool: Clutch holder tool: Chances are if the oil pump had a problem your engine would be shot. You could pull the cover off the stator/alternator on the left side, lean the bike a bit to the right, run the...
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    1960's c100 and c110 keihin carburators

    Couple thoughts on the C100 carb- There used to be a seller on ebay in Singapore (I think) that sold specifically the C50 carb (not like the other sellers that try and sell a C70 carb as "C50, C70...") and had instructions on his selling page about the modification that you needed to make to...
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    1968 cl90 tank swap help

    I was curious about that S90 fitment. Tried fitting one on a CL90 to check it out but the gas tube and petcock didnt quite seem to clear- Also tried CL125 tank and the length looked good but I think you might need to file down the tabs on the front. Might work tho. Like OldGuy mentioned...
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    1966 Honda CM91 Restoration Project

    I've found just the washers in the past but they were a larger version (for a CL77) at but I'm looking again now and don't see them there any longer. This CT90 version is pretty small, not sure if they can be located in that size. It's a bummer that most of those carb parts...
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    C70 Odd Neutral Light Behavior!

    This rubber plug tip is great! I have this same issue occurring on a similar bike- I bet its this exact same thing.
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    1966 Honda CM91 Restoration Project

    That screw-in area is pretty delicate. You'd have to be very careful doing a thread repair kit. You might try and get it really clean/degreased and put a few small dabs of JB Weld along the threads- just a very thin amount- and then try gently tapping it. Be careful not to split the stem, I've...
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    New member with CT90 question...
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    1974 ST 90 Lights not working

    The old 6V blinkers suck a lot of juice and are also very dependent on you having the correct wattage bulbs in your blinkers before they activate. A good test is to test them while revving up the bike as sometimes they might not even activate at idle or with a low battery. Or with the wrong...
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    1974 ST 90 Lights not working

    I'd start with a continuity check on the bulb to verify if the filament is shot or not. There's prob like a white wire, blue wire, green wire? Set meter to ohms to check continuity, touch the probes together to verify it beeps (or does whatever you meter does). Then try probes on white and green...
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    CT90, auto-clutch not disengaging when shifting (lurching)

    That's a good thought, I hadn't even considered to check. Just did a quick check but I don't think I had that extreme of a lean. I had it at about 45 degrees. I just leaned the bike over 45, there is still a good 6 inches+ to where that lever would touch the floor.