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  1. dennis d

    Look What Happened to Me!

    That is funny !:21::21::21:
  2. dennis d

    Look What Happened to Me!

    Load it up in a truck and take it home and then remove it.
  3. dennis d


    Good movie.
  4. dennis d

    Ct70 Tire Pressure.

    Flash,it really depends on the weight if you know what i mean.....Sorry BJ.
  5. dennis d

    Re-chrome costs?

    HG been over playing ?
  6. dennis d

    Polished triple tree clamp and hardware for sale

    Congratulations Mike ! Dennis
  7. dennis d

    Got it Registered

    Sounds like communism to me.....I feel for you,that is really pathetic to have to do that on your own property.
  8. dennis d

    Got it Registered

    If you are only going to ride it on your property why do you even need to worry about registering it ?
  9. dennis d

    Happy Birthday Don

    :21:.........:4: So that's what all that noise was last night !
  10. dennis d

    Happy Fourth To All

    Enjoy BJ,sorry to hear you got the rain.Sunshine and clouds in Cypress yesterday and today !
  11. dennis d

    1971 gold K0 and 1973 red K3 rough shape

    Suntan ? Now you may be on to something.Just a little darker,probaly should have used Coppertone.
  12. dennis d

    1971 gold K0 and 1973 red K3 rough shape

    Hmmm ! Even after a very rough life look how the gold KO has held it's butterscotch color shade....Simply Amazing ! Oh,i guess it could be the camera,shade,pixel or some other lame reason.
  13. dennis d

    69 k0 fixer upper ... carb stuff...please help!

    Especially at a discounted price !
  14. dennis d

    Is this a '69 CT70 ?

    That is a good vin for a 10/69 I have two 10/69's and they are 124xxx and 127xxx
  15. dennis d

    New Owner!!

    First thing i would do is get a heat shield for the exhaust,what a leg burner.Search Ebay and you should be able to find one.As far as anything else it all depends on what you want to do with the bike.If it's just for a rider it may be fine the way it is but definetly put a heat shield on it.
  16. dennis d

    Want to buy: Original KO/HKO Headlight Assembly

    Just saw a NOS one on Ebay this morning with a BIN for 75.00
  17. dennis d

    "Were going to need a bigger shoehorn!!"

    I'm not sure it really matters which side since it's just to break up the heat,i think the z50's also have it at this end.Will have to double check.
  18. dennis d

    "Were going to need a bigger shoehorn!!"

    Grant i think you're doing an excellent job all by yourself without no outside BS.
  19. dennis d

    Gas leak at the carb on my 78' z50

    What model is this ? Does it have a vent tube on the carb? My Honda four wheeler did this and i tore the carb apart 4 times before i figured it out.The vent tube ran under the gas tank and somehow got pinched closed. It was a 5 minute repair once i figured out what it was.With the carb off...