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  1. DAX-IT!!!

    New to me ST70 low pipe

    Here in England, early ST70's & 50's had low pipes rather than the up and over type but, they were the 3 speed semi-auto box. If you want a comparison, they had the same exhaust as the Honda Chaly.
  2. DAX-IT!!!

    ST90 (New Build) Electrical & Engine Problems - HELP PLEASE :-)

    OK guys, sorry for not getting back sooner; I've been a bit tied up with stuff. Firstly, thanks so far to luke law1 for his reply - I'll get the rectifier off the bike and see if I can do those tests. Secondly, thanks to the other replies aswell. Rick, (b52bombardier) if I understood only...
  3. DAX-IT!!!

    ST90 (New Build) Electrical & Engine Problems - HELP PLEASE :-)

    Hi Guys Haven't posted for a while as I've been rebuilding the bike - its pretty much rebuilt now. The bike now starts/runs etc but here are a couple of my problems. Firstly, electrical. Can anybody tell me (in childlike terms as I am a complete THICKO when it comes to electrical issues and...
  4. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    Thanks man!! Now I've got a full view, I think I'm gonna buck the trend and say without. I think 'with' makes it look too bunched up, cluttered and a bit too top heavy at the front with all the things piled up there. Just my opinion but, hey, who am I ? Your the one who has to like...
  5. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    I'd like to see a picture with the whole of the one side of the bike (it gives a better perspective) before I could give an honest opinion.
  6. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    Good job and unique idea - looks great !!
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    ST90 frame rust - is it junk?

    From the single picture you've provided, the bits that are rusty seem perfectly salvagable. Just get it sandblasted, then you can see the real extent of the old tin worm and make a proper assessment. Its amazing what sandblasting and a MIG welder can do ;). I think if it were mine, i'd give...
  8. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    As much as I like your ingenuity :-) I must say that if ever you were to have an accident on your bike with the tank mounted like that, it runs the risk of being a potential petrol bomb! If your fuel lines got severed during a crash and there was a spark - man, I wouldn't like to think ...
  9. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    Yeah man................. proper!!!!!! Careful you dont get people thinkin there's a touch of Enil Knevil in there aswell !!!! :monkey::monkey: Grooooovvvyy Baby !!!!
  10. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    Man, have you ever seen easy rider ?? :LOL: Looks like there's a new kid on the block, especially with those bars and that side kickin' pipe. (y) Rock N Roll :D
  11. DAX-IT!!!

    New Guy Honda CT70 Build

    You could always just fit only genuine honda parts (including the engine) throughout the build and have a trouble free experience cos everything would fit correctly. You'd have no stress, you wouldn't have to do any cutting, shimming or modding and you'd still have a cool bike......... sounds...
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    Location of Forum Members

  13. DAX-IT!!!

    Tips on restoring pegs and kickstand

    I'd use gloss black but, it does have a tendancy to show up any imperfections in prep work or the refinishing :cautious:
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    Muscle & pony cars

    Maybe Stephen King's The Dark Half ????
  15. DAX-IT!!!

    Another Cl70

    Like the bike !! Never seen one of those before - looks like an SS50 crossed with a CB-125 (bikes we had/have over here in England from around 1973-79).
  16. DAX-IT!!!

    Muscle & pony cars

    You did alright there man .................................. sorted !!!! (y)
  17. DAX-IT!!!

    Ignition coil /condenser for st90

    One simple message - a lot of the chinese stuff is JUNK !! By genuine Honda, even secondhand - its better made !! Dr ATV is a good place to start or I've used David Silver for a lot of my stuff :)
  18. DAX-IT!!!

    1971 CT70

    What is the CHP seat ????
  19. DAX-IT!!!

    Wanted ST90 parts

    I didnt know that - that's useful to know :)