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  1. motodevo

    Chinese rebuild kit with low compression

    I agree, pull off the head and make sure the piston isn't sitting down the bore at TDC and that the piston has a raised dome on top. If it doesn't, get the correct piston, ALOT less hassle than trying to bodge it and only cost like $30.
  2. motodevo

    Wide open throttle issues

    Had a similar issue with my mates 76 z50. Idled like a champ, revved up ok with out a filter and bogged down with airfilter on. Turned out the o-ring on the main jet was half deteriorated and was letting extra fuel through everytime it got above 1/2 throttle. With a new o-ring it ran perfect...
  3. motodevo

    Z50R head vs XR70R head questions

    Just for comparison, here is a 12V stock 50 head 88 piston next to a minimoto 12V high compression piston. I bought the minimoto piston for my z50r i am slapping an 88 kit with an XR70 head. Only cost $30 Australian (considerably less in US $) from Webike. I have no personal evidence , just...
  4. motodevo

    Z50R head vs XR70R head questions

    The xr70 head has a larger dome than the late z50 head. I know BBR recommends not using a 70 head for their 88 kit as it reduces the CR. You might want to send TB an email. The XR70 head has the same size dome and valves as an early model (pre 82) Z50 head. Late model Z50R head has the smaller...
  5. motodevo

    Idles fine but will not accelerate

    Check your points gap again. Had similar issues on a fresh motor (new top end, points, etc), idled perfectly but popped and farted when revved up. I was sure it was carb related, cleaned carb multiple times, swapped carb for good known one, changed plugs, valve clearances, timing lined up...
  6. motodevo

    1972 Z50 top end swap

    That kit suits the 82 onwards rod. It will fit however as the piston deck height from the gudgeon pin is 3mm less than the original piston, the piston will be 3mm further down the bore at TDC from where it should be. Ultimately you will need a new piston. Probably your best cheapest/option would...
  7. motodevo

    1972 CT90 idles fine, runs bad at higher rpm

    A point gap thats too wide will cause similar symptoms
  8. motodevo

    YellowBullet III - The Refresh

    Check your points gap. If its too wide it will idle perfectly but pop and fart in the upper rev range similar to what you are describing
  9. motodevo

    Honda z50 monkey question

    They're known as J1's here in OZ. The J1 was pretty much what the rest of the world got between 73 (75 in OZ) and early 79. We didn't get different paint jobs for each year, they were either white,yellow or green. I have one that's dated 10/77 with a frame number z50j-117xxx so safe to say its a 77.
  10. motodevo

    Frame/Engine Only

    If you want to make the most money, sell em now as is. Restoring them properly costs ALOT more than they'll ever bring back come sale time. However, if your one of the sick few who grin like an idiot when riding a classic honda mini (most if not all of the members on this site), the smiles per...
  11. motodevo

    Using original 70cc Exhaust for Lifan 125cc

    Bang for buck its hard to beat a lifan 125. 4 gears, nice increase in power but not so much power that it causes reliability issues or breaks the chinese quality parts. To get similar from a 40+ year old honda you would spend 5 times that if replacing with new stuff. I have a few lifan 125s, i...
  12. motodevo

    Help with recently restored engine.

    Check your points gap, too wide and it will idle fine but pop and fart when you rev it up
  13. motodevo

    Z50 monkeybike with a few mods...

    Sorry to hear you had to sell the bikes but you gotta do what you gotta do, and you can always buy again when your finances are good again. I don't know about a quad though, doesn't seem dangerous enough. The best thing about riding murdercycles is they aren't safe, i reckon you should get...
  14. motodevo

    Do I need a VIN plate or is the frame stamped VIN enough?

    Atleast you know for next time, remove everything you don't want powdered. Trim, plates, bearing races, etc. The st90 plate is the same size as a ct70 one. What's your frame number, should be able to narrow down a build date, they only yellow ones in 1974.
  15. motodevo

    Do I need a VIN plate or is the frame stamped VIN enough?

    If the tags toast, you could rip it off first, that will give you a small space between the rivet head and the frame to get the edge of some small diagonal cutters (sidecutters) under the head to yank them out or put the edge of a sharp chisel in the gap and shear off the rivet head then either...
  16. motodevo

    71 ct70 in the hands of a rookie

    Black wire from motor connected to wire from ignition coil, as long as coil is earthed (bolted) to the frame, and the points are opening/set correctly then thats all you need to get spark
  17. motodevo

    1974 CT-70 Help with Clutch Cover

    Jump on youtube and check out the thealexmanvideos (user name) over the years he has done everything to his z50r's from basic mods to full on big bore rebuilds in his videos, he covers just about everything you will want to do to a honda mini engine. They are reasonably simple to work on once...
  18. motodevo

    Is this real or aftermarket?

    Looks real to me, fuel outlet looks like its had work done to it and possibly needs re soldering/brazing. Cant quite read the date stamp on it clearly, i have never seen a copy tank with a date stamp on it.
  19. motodevo

    Hornetgod's 1969 Z50A K1 Restoration

    Seeing your pics in tge other thread, i reckon you could use a pic of "the dude" from the movie "the big lebowski"