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  1. Midnightpromises

    1977 XR75 piston and rings set

    First thing I do when I get a bike home is valves, carb, points/condensor and static timing. Found out there were no valve spring retainers or the keepers... no wonder the piston would lock up every so often while I first tried to take a compression reading..a valve would drop down and stop it...
  2. Midnightpromises

    1977 XR75 piston and rings set

    Came into a great deal on a XR75 but it has very low seems that Honda changed the piston and rings for the final two year run of this cute little beast.. Any source for tthe ring set or piston and ring sets? RIng set is 13001-153-015 Orrrr would a complete piston and ring...
  3. Midnightpromises

    Rattling, teardown and surprise

    Oh Ok THAT nut Yup, buy the special tool. and slap new disks in it, they are cheap.
  4. Midnightpromises

    Rattling, teardown and surprise

    The nut torque is 30ftlbs +-2 It's a standard 16mm nut with indents for that locking washer.., what are you making a special tool for?
  5. Midnightpromises

    Wanted----: Ignition switch for 1980 CT70 or compatible switch

    They are all over the net, simple switch, OEM runs about $55
  6. Midnightpromises

    1974 Z50 piston and jug

    Replaced a scored cylinder and piston with a kit from "ECCPP". Question, I am pretty sure the old piston came flush to the top of the cylinder bore. This kit brings the piston up a 1/4" short of flush. Yes, the cylinder is fully seated to the crankcase. .. A problem or not?
  7. Midnightpromises

    New to me CT 110, has a couple issues Maybe shop around, that's a common collar.. "This product fits to 351 models. We are showing the first 10. Please log in to see all models."
  8. Midnightpromises

    New to me CT 110, has a couple issues

    You threw me off with the $17 comment. Enjoy.
  9. Midnightpromises

    New to me CT 110, has a couple issues

    Its just a spacer, nothing more. the axle is what maintains alignment as anyone that has tried removing a really rusty crusty one knows. Or use a stack of washers if you don't feel confident in cutting the stock square. Now the collar that fits thru the wheel seal might be require a bit more...
  10. Midnightpromises

    New to me CT 110, has a couple issues

    Buy some bulk stock in the proper outer diameter and drill a hole thru it maybe?
  11. Midnightpromises

    CB125 - "candy topaz orange" paint match

    Looks very nice! What color Duplicolor was it?
  12. Midnightpromises

    2021 CT125A (Trail 125) DEALER MARKUP

    That's his money.. plus whatever he is hiding in the base price quote. "Additional Dealer Markup"
  13. Midnightpromises

    Drool Over This

    Went off to a new home yesterday... you were outbid at $125.. Have fun
  14. Midnightpromises

    Drool Over This

    If I had known you were looking I would have let this one go for $100 ;-P
  15. Midnightpromises

    Honda XR75 mechanical advance mechanism

    Just throwing this out for discussion... and any advice from those that have dealt with this issue before... and have identified AND found the correct way to make sure these return springs and arms are set properly.. Picked up a 1973 XR75 engine to put into my latest project. Upon disassembly...
  16. Midnightpromises

    What are the holes for????

    Allows air in and out as the forks compress and extend, rather than unsealing them..
  17. Midnightpromises

    ISO FLYWHEEL fits XR80 1979-91 XR75 1977-78

    Looking for a serviceable flywheel, or two..... Honda PN 31110153005 Help a guy out...
  18. Midnightpromises

    CT90 K3 Blinkers

    Mine is a very much hand me down... Its like I got it.."The 1970 'K2, continued to have an extra light for indicating the activity of turn signals (often called "winkers" in documentation, and labeled with a "W" on the speedometer face). And, there are a few reports of 1970 'K2's having turn...
  19. Midnightpromises

    CT90 K3 Blinkers

    My 1970 has the switch but the actual actuator lever is either missing or never was there.... no turn signals.