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    st90 skybongo

    Is this what you have ? That looks like a gorilla clone to me .
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    Very neat .
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    Gentlemen! Scholars! VanGogh's! Lend me your ear!

    I have removed the electric starter and chain (the starter is chain driven ) from a few of those engines fabricated a block off plate and run a more standard intake manifold .You can start the engines by hand ,not much requirement for electric start . On the cylinder (black part of engine )...
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    How do you measure o rings?

    I have a few large o ring kits ,they have a bunch of scale drawn pictures on the inside of the lid ,you place the old one on top of the picture to size them .My kits are Spaynaur or something like that .
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    Something different from another Brand

    What part of the world are you guys from ?,I think I have an engine for that in my container you can have.Its too cold here for the next few days but I can look to see if it’s still there next week when it warms up again
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    What did I do to my CT today?

    I haven’t done a set of those ct70 forks yet ,but on other bikes I have stuck a long wooden dowel (broom handle ) inside from the top to hold the dampening rod while spinning the bolt out of the bottom .Works putting them back together as well .
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    Something different from another Brand

    Trail hopper 50 ,part of the Suzuki rv line ,I have only seen blue and white ones ,the green looks really nice .Is it yours ?
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    Early 1900 engine build

    That was awesome .
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    What did I do to my CT today?

    Since you are in Canada ,most of us deal with Keith at PhatMx ,he treats us very well ,there is another guy who is a jerk we don’t recommend him at all .I seem to recall another Honda mini bike dealer in Winnipeg but don’t know anything about them .
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    I'm Back!

    Well ,looking at a poor map ,I am pretty sure it’s cedar heights road ,turn right off of highway 11 north at the top of the hill ,if it’s not that road ,it will be the next one or two ,the guys place is the first house on the left ,less than 1/4 mile from the highway,he plows snow and does...
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    I'm Back!

    I dropped off a cub project in North Bay a few months ago with some other bikes ,I Since saw it for sale on Kijiji .It had some really nice parts like a brand new Honda seat and it had been partially restored but never assembled .I lost their contact info but I can steer you to the house if you...
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    Free money anyone?

    Merry Christmas !
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    Opinions on Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer?

    I don’t know about the states ,but where I live I can reliably get ethanol free gas at Shell ,sold under the V Power name ,the smaller stations don’t have it though .
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    Opinions on Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer?

    I have a friend whose cousin is our areas Kimpex rep .The guy uses this stuff religiously as he sells it ,yet every year (except this past spring )we have to tear the carbs off his boat ,mower ,atv ,etc,because of fuel problems from sitting in the off season .My friend and I don’t use this stuff...
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    Restoring a piece of my childhood.

    That’s a nice bike to be starting with .You will want to look into the points ,adjust the valves , and clean out the carb .
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    Minitrail Raffle on FB

    I believe that is the nice fellow I sent the crappy luck frame to for paint ,and he did a fantastic job on the ugly yellow special .I think I would definitely have to buy a ticket .
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    Crappy Luck to Potluck CT70 Build

    I completely forgot about this bike ! Nice to see it surface again .
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    Latest updates on progress of the C70 commuter

    Since he has a cub scooter ,I wonder if the much taller tire diameter is hurting him ,how does the gearing match up with a ct70 ?
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    Random questions

    Is it possible a former lazy mechanic did all the plugs but that one ?
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    This page can't be displayed

    Working perfectly on my iPad and has been flawless for months .