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    Candy Sapphire Blue Paint Match

    I found the same paint (Dupli-Color ). What I did was apply a metalic silver base cost then sprayed the blue as a top cost. It still is not as intense as the original but it works till I strip and paint.
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    brake hubs clean up

    Sounds like you used the same set up I did. Its slow but you can do it. I went the dremmel route, but had less then expected results. A dremmel is light pressure, and polishing requires pressure and heat to bring the shine up. So, I went back to the 2" wheen and just kept working it...
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    CT70 entusiaist magazine..?

    I was thinking that if someone just pulled some of the postings, you could put together a pretty good "how to" book or something alkin to it... Along similiar lines, anyone know of a book on the history of these little guys?
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    how difficult to remove rear wheel and add new sprocket..?

    Picked up a set ( with the interchangable tips) for about $8 on a close out. Figured I did not need a real good set- after all howmany times will I use then?s a gamble but think I went the right way. Othe rthen that everything else is a snap.
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    Need help with '72 K1 CT70

    Check this link..
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    Think all 6 volt systems would work. The charging rate .4 to .7 +/- .2 A so the load is not real big. Looking at the schematics for a few years they all look to be the same...
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    Changing fork boots

    Good topic- just ripped a new boot trying to force it over the innear fork. I used WD40 on everything, but nope :) So I have an old one that has a tear (from the other fork) was going to test using a hair dryer to see how that works. Microwave hummmm
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    Charging the battery question

    Unlike most bigger bikes, CTdont have regulators, so the charging voltage is very very low. A weak battery will not take the charge at the voltage delivered as well as a new battery. As someone on this board noted, this was a simple cheap charging system. It works but its not perfect. You...
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    engine oil recommendations

    Hi folks- I must not know how to use the search function. Cannot refine a search to cover only engine oil ( as in a set of words).... Anyways A few weeks ago their was a great posting on recommendations for engine oil. Can anyone redirect me or provide a recommendation for oil- stock 1970 CTKO 70
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    Replacing the throttle

    For the carb- the air adjustment is 1 3/4 from bottom ( ie bottom out then back off 1 3/4 turns). This is factory setting. Then adjust idel speed once the bike is worm- Just wnet through this process.
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    Replacing the throttle

    In addition to what PC said, I also used a hair dryer to heat the grip up a little, Once warm, good grip and pull off. I just did this whole process and it took a total of 30 min start, clean re lube and finish.... easy
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    HK0 Rear Shock Disassembly Question

    Here is a picture of my shock compressor. Need to compress to un screw, then clean up is pretty simple .
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    Points won't open or close now

    Youtube has a video on point adjustments for the CT with the flywheel on. May want to check that out
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    air box questions

    When I took it apart I did find the remains of one rim seal, so my guess was that was stock on this vin, But think I will use the end caps- The fit is much better then with both... Thanks for your help :)
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    air box questions

    Finally the little brown truck showed up with goodies... Getting the bike working functionally, I removed the air box end caps, discovered the filter was literally dust, and the end seals were all gone. So, ordered a new air filter, new outer seals (they look like large slotted o rings), and...
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    Looking for decent used Sapphire headlight bucket and also a decent used K0 exhaust

    one up on Ebay - NOS (so he says) for a 70HKO. Going for $150+ ... Think I will try the $10 special on one of the suppliers sights , and break out the dremmel.
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    What Kind of Helmet do you wear?

    I recall I spent just under $400 for mine. Its a full face with a flip up front- the entire face flips up to put it on. I will use it on my CT , but also drive a Vulcan, so... need a little more at 80 then at 25.
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    Ordering With Dr.ATV issues.

    He may still be out- Ordered some parts from him last week. Still waiting for the brown truck to drop off my toys... :( Im getting board, was hoping to have the stuff for this weekend so maybe, could get my bike running....
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    Too funny not to share

    Cute funny and clean ! Thanks for posting
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    Which vendors have the most expensive shipping? least expensive shipping?

    I see that trail buddies is available via Amazon. With Amazon you can get free or reduced shipping. Nevr tried ordering ct parts via Amazon, but maybe......