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  1. Miniac

    compression values

    Part of it could your compression gauge. I've got a nice cheap one that works great but always reads ~30% low. As long as I don't mind doing a little math in my head it works fine. I've retested it against high dollar compression gauges over the years, and it seems to be staying pretty...
  2. Miniac

    Where the H3ll is the cam chain adjustment?

    Take a look at: some have a locking screw (like on the other Hondas you mentioned) and some just have spring tension. The plunger and spring are under the cockeyed plug on the bottom left side of the engine cases. The straight plug on the right is...
  3. Miniac

    Stripped Spark Plug Helicoil?

    It's a 10 x 1mm pitch. If you've got a competent dealer near by it might be cheaper to have them install it instead of buying the kit, but if you can find a kit, installing Helicoils isn't too tough a job. I think the part number for the 10 x 1 spark plug kit is 5523-10. -kevin
  4. Miniac

    Clutch problems

    If the RPMs drop off when you pull the clutch lever in, it seems like it must be because something is putting an abnormal load on the crankshaft. Does it happen in neutral as well as in gear? I think the first thing I'd check is the bearing in the middle of the clutch cover. Apart from that...
  5. Miniac

    72 CT90 restomod help

    Std bore on CT90s is 50mm (1.9685") Std piston-to-cylinder clearance is 0.01-0.04mm (0.0004-0.0016") Yes, that's 4 to 16 ten-thousandths of an inch, or roughly half a thou to a thou and a half. Compared to most other internal combustion engines they're tight little buggers. If you buy a...
  6. Miniac

    guide seals?

    On CTs, they only had a seal on the exhaust valves up through '79, but they added a seal on the intake valves in '80. They're not quite as critical on little horizontal engines as they are on big vertical engines. (or American V8s) I've seen plenty of 50/70s that got put together without the...
  7. Miniac

    Exhaust question Need quick answer before i order!

    It'll probably fit, after a fashion, but since it's for XR/CRF50s it's probably going to be a little bit short. And, that nice round can is going to be next to the shock, so it's going to stick out in space a ways. Still, if you love a challenge and are confident in your fabricating skills, go...
  8. Miniac

    Now at Canadian tire

    Great price, . . . if it's a decent little bike. I hope they're offering it in different colors, tho'. -kevin
  9. Miniac


    I wouldn't be too worried about using a 10A fuse with that harness. The alternative is to install a smaller fuse, like a 5A and give it a try. If it works then stick with the 5A fuse otherwise jump up to a larger one. -kevin
  10. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    He can borrow mine, . . . the one that has a few "quirks." (It's the natural motorcycle, . . . the closest thing to walking!)
  11. Miniac


    The 12V electric start Honda C70s used a 10A fuse, if that helps. The main reason the fuse is there is so your wires don't turn into fuses. I suppose it wouldn't be too tough to figure your full current load and base the fuse size on that, but as long as none of the wires are smaller than...
  12. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    It's a deal. I'll bring a bunch of my favorite Red Angus ribeye steaks while I'm at it, . . . or maybe some good ol' southern barbeque. I dunno about saving the world, but we all know the secret to making it a better place - now all we have to do is convince all of the world leaders to get...
  13. Miniac

    please help, electrical question

    If there wasn't any "custom wiring" the rectifier will isolate the battery from the stator, protecting it from damage. It should just blow your bulbs. -kevin
  14. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    Y'know, I really don't know about that one. However, my daughters assure me that "anal-retentive" does have a hyphen. That's not fair, though, . . . their mother coaches them to say things like that. <HA>
  15. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    Sorry, . . . slow response - The boss called Sunday after lunch and all I can say is Fuchsstadt is lovely this time of year. (The one near Hammelburg, . . . yeah, that's Hammelburg, Germany. And who would have ever guessed that there'd be more than one Fuchsstadt??) Being there for a mere 36...
  16. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    I'm more than happy to play nice and be friends, and I will happily admit that I am more than capable of drawing the wrong conclusion. Here's how it came across to me: I made a statement, basically one sentence, and inadvertently made reference to an obscure industry standard. Your response...
  17. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    Since my humble post is the object of such adversarial scrutiny I feel obliged to respond point by point: Uuuuuhh, actually that's Annular Bearing Engineers Committee. As in "shaped like a ring", not as in "meeting once a year". Sorry, it's easy to drop terms one is used to using without...
  18. Miniac

    valve guide replacement

    The special tool requirements for valve guide replacement put it out of reach for the average do-it-yourselfer. It requires: 1) A driver that is used to remove the old guide and install the new one, 2) a ream to size the inside of the guide after it is installed, and 3) valve seat cutting...
  19. Miniac

    Source for quality wheel bearings

    OK, here you go: McMaster-Carr a standard precision ABEC-1 sealed bearing with a max load of 2200 pounds (for us really hefty mini riders) and a 19000 RPM limit, . . . for $7.06 a piece. Of course shipping will probably double the cost if you only buy a couple, so be sure to get bags of 6x1...
  20. Miniac

    Mounting bracket for muffler can?

    I've used this stuff for the same purpose before: McMaster-Carr I had some adhesive backed Viton rubber sheet laying around so I cut a piece ~1" wide that was long enough to wrap around the muffler. I put the sticky side toward the strap, not the muffler, and I trimmed a couple of fender...