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    One man's trash is another man's treasure....

    VIN number you provided makes it out to be a 1975 K4. Is the color of this bike a "Mint Green" color? That is a one year only color called Mighty Green and the last year Honda made a "K" series MiniTrail. Nice score for "free", probably worth whatever somebody will pay you for it!
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    Hello, new to the Forum but not the Trail 70

    That color scheme looks freaking awesome Jay! I love it. The paint in the pics looks as smooth as a Babies bottom too! Nice job, I will be following this build closely. Keep up the great work!
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    Look What Happened to Me!

    Hacksaw it off! After removing the swingarm and shocks of course!
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    ct70 paint kits?

    Here are a few pics of the Sapphire Blue paint I just got done restoring for it's Original owner. This was one of Don's paint kits and as you can see, turned out GREAT! :41:
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    Complete K3 on CL $1700

    Yep it's mine, come and get it everyone! Got a HKO to start and need some dough to get er... going. At that price you'd think people would come out of the woodwork for an all original that nice wouldn't ya? I'm not going to come down a dime at this price either, if it doesn't sell. The HKO...
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    Oil Change??

    Contact Dennis D, he is a member on this site. He just "picked" up a Clymers manual and is looking for someone that needs it.
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    Pic of K3 rear brake set up

    Here ya go Barry.... These are from the KO I jsut got done restoring. Of course pics were taken BEFORE redoing it. LOL
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    Engine Vibrating Wayyyyyy Too Much

    I would check the nut on the flywheel Oak. Make sure is isn't working loose and causing some of the vibration. Also check the Counter sprocket nuts and make sure these are all tight. When I put motor mount bolts, small horn and dimmer switch screws, Counter Sprocket bolts, cam spocket bolts, and...
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    Ct70 Tire Pressure.

    None taken Mr Dennis KO(H) set,:loco: man! And Flash I know you ride your bikes on desert dirt so you would know the best shock available, that's why I bought that set from you! :32:
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    Ct70 Tire Pressure.

    I couldn't agree more P.C.! Put the darn stock shocks in a box like RacerX wrote. If you want to ride it as a adult @ adult sized weight, get some shocks for that kind of weight! :33:
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    Re-chrome costs?

    BITD, I am LMAO..... what's up with the upsidedown Yamaha in the pic with the chrome parts???
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    Will a CT70 Fit an Adult

    I use the upgraded shocks the Dr sells. After riding some miles on the upgraded shocks, the stock ones are way too soft for a adult to ride on. :director: Plus you can put the stock Honda shock caps on it and only a eagle eyed purists could tell the difference! :10:
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    Super bummed, won't start

    Nope and you don't even need a helmet either. Iowa has no helmet laws. So the wind can hit your face at 25mph all day long or a couple hours any way! LOL
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    Super bummed, won't start

    That's great news Barry! Now bring it up to Blair and we'll go over to DeSota bend for a cruise ride thru the park. About 20 miles of paved roads and no people at all. It's MiniTrail heaven for riding! PM me if you want to ride.
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    candy paint kits from minitrail still available?

    Candy Blue-Green and Sapphire Blue kits were spot on correct!
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    won't shift into 3rd when assembled

    Worn shift fork for the 2nd to 3rd shift would be my best guess at it. :43:
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    Another new one..

    And those are just his "small" bikes! You should see his "big" bikes!!! LOL Gottcha Mikeeee......
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    getting new title

    Maine is one of the Bill of Sale and no inspection states too. :4: RacerX, we have so MUCH state Goverment now we only pay 3 times the average property taxes on our homes now. :47:
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    EXPIRED 69 ct70 silver tag parts for sale

    Mark did you get my email I sent you on the sparkplug guard and the overflow hose holder?
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    getting new title

    NE aint laid back in any way when it comes to getting a new title. You have to bond the bike for two years while the DMV looks into the VIN number. And if anything doesn't "pop" up on the VIN as being stolen in those two years they will forfiet the bond and give you a title for 100.00 + dollars...