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    Anyone familiar with this eBay carburetor?

    Description says a 22mm, dunno... Considering one for my CT70H w/88cc Dr. ATV bore kit. Says the jets are replaceable but with what?
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    how to paint engine

    Does anyone have a mixing number for Honda Cloud Silver so I could source it locally... Or better yet a powder (for powder coating).
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    CT70(88cc kit and cam)vs lifan 125cc

    The Lifan may outrun you but the Honda will be running long after the Lifan is dead and buried. Lifan motors are great runners but "disposable".
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    Painting Cylinder?

    Whatever you use, I would go light with the paint. After all, the cylinder is designed to transfer heat.
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    MikeyNice's HKO Restoration-Almost Done

    Looks very nice, motor looks awesome! Is the motor painted with the same Cloud Silver that the wheels/hubs are painted? And where did you get the C.S.?
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    EXPIRED Non CT70 Vintage Hondas for sale

    Sweet bikes! I'm diggin' that radial arm drill press too. A shop to die for.
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    K2 having difficulty starting Help!

    Needle may be stuck in the seat. Rap on the carburetor with a plastic screwdriver handle to free the needle.
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    K2 having difficulty starting Help!

    I've found that most carburetor idling problems are either the mixture adjustment or obstructed pilot jet.
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    Broken heart slowing projects

    My condolences to the family. She was taken entirely too young. Please be there for her children.
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    Dairyland $70./year for three bikes.
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    BCS Championship

    Exciting game, lots of turnovers. Texas has an outstanding team, outcome would have probably been much different if McCoy had not been sidelined.
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    $%^^$#@ keihan carbs

    Speshul nuts, no more air leaks. Got it!
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    $%^^$#@ keihan carbs

    I've used stainless thread inserts from McMaster-Carr in the carburetor as well as the engine cases, head, etc. Drill and tap 3/8 x 16 (inch) and sock them in. They have a thread locking compound already on them. 97120A11018-8 SS Self-Locking Thick Wall Insert M6-1.0 Int Thrd, 3/8"-16 Ext...
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    1970 CT70 Wheels wont budge...

    I've bought bikes (not a CT) that had corrosion between the brake shoes and the drums that locked the wheels. Other times the brake shoe cam pin was frozen in the brake panel (hub) and wouldn't release.
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    Stuck piston

    My orange 77 sat for years outside with the carburetor and intake dangling from the throttle cable. I was able to break it free after a month of soaking and rocking the bike in gear. I was sure It would need to be bored 2nd oversize so I ordered .5mm oversize. Cylinder was pitted severely. The...
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    The first Honda Trail Bike

    Looks a lot like THIS minus faring and chain guard.
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    Stuck piston

    Many years ago a friend had a similar situation with a Z50. Brazed a short 1/8" pipe nipple inside a spark plug bottom, then a grease fitting to the pipe nipple. Bolted the head back on, used pressure from the grease gun to break the piston loose.
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    1977 CT70 Childhood Dream

    I have a 77 with 70 decals and seat cover. It was in much worse shape than yours so I didn't feel like I was destroying history. HERE
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    Important announcement:

    The only way to bring about change is being an informed voter and vote the bums out. I remember when there was an "I" beside each incumbent candidate, I guess some of the old "dead wood" lifers had that removed. Yeh, we got the change, but I've lost hope.
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    Hornetgod's HK1 restoration project

    The first "yellow" he sent me was green (post #19, chain guard). I should have cut my losses then and went with HOK yellow.