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    New, repo chrome engine guards.

    HONDA CT70 Engine Guard, Skid Plate for the CT70. This is a complete NEW ITEM | eBay Anyone see, used, bought one of these? Geez, maybe we'll see repop rear signal light bars?
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    Help with ordering from trail buddy

    try hitting them up on their email addy on the store site.under Contact Us..I too have had excellent service from them (2 different orders)..I'm sure someone will help you..
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    Test Drive Video

    Love it..thanks for posting. Are those the Trail Buddy handlebars & controls..?
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    Factory sissy bar for trail m70?

    I'm almost positive the sissy bar was after-market. I have only seen 2 on CT's that were on ebay. 1 was a while back on a red K2(?) that was hanging on a garage wall with the very rare crash bar on it as well. The sissy bar was round at the top with a tab about 5 inches down that looked like it...
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    Bandit Bill's little collection of Horrors ..

    Nice job BB, thanks for the photos!
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    Speedo id

    Any #'s or ID on the back that maybe you can run through CMSNL?
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    Am I missing a front end part?

    I don't know if this relevant, but in the micro-fiche, The head of the bolt (round head with the hole in it.) is on the other side of the wheel..? Are you using the correct thickness of washer...
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    1983 Z50 Exhaust - replacement?

    Anybody had to replace an exhaust on the '83 Z50..? Some of the clone systems look very close. I don't want to buy 1 to have it not fit. I haven't seen any online that I think would fit either...any opinion or assitance would be appreciated...
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    Handle bars

    I beleive he popped on here a few weeks back...
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    Project Bling

    why don't you use an HK1-type (or later) headlight w/ the separate speedo on it..? That bucket is metal..not sure what it would look like with the other type front end. You are doing this to your '71? Correct..? And I think ChromeTreatment70 is a good handle for it.. Nice work Dupa..
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    Honda Nice ID/Serial #'s?

    I have a lead on a possible NICE motor. How can I identify a true Honda NICE? Would appreciate serial # ID, like I can do with the CT motors..I looked this over previously & it has that 3rd engine mount on the cylinder, but I didn't get really close or a chance to look it over....I have an...
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    what happened

    I'm glad its back too...
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    Sun afternoon...

    wow..look at that beach! People in shorts..and in the water swimming...hopefully ALL of the snow will be gone here soon..only a little left in the shady areas now and around the driveway from plowing the stuff..its going to get into the high teens this week..(high 60's for the US folks.) :36:
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    Is This Bike Legitimate?

    The decals are '77 or '78. Kickstarter is incorrect as well...
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    Another CT gets a new lease on life

    The only place I have seen them (recently) is CMSNL, but the shipping is brutal.. cushion fuel tank honda Trailbuddy might have something, but I can't access their page right now....
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    EXPIRED Custom Wheel Centers

    Wow.. those are really friggin' cool RySem...! I really like the gold too....
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    EXPIRED Custom Wheel Centers

    just a suggestion..but I've always liked the look of the older aluminum slotted rims (American Racing..?) Think Starsky & Hutch Torino rims....might be a good fit for the CT in overall look? Can you render a pic on that..? Again, just a suggestion..
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    I have 2 CT speedos (3 speed) & 1 XL speedo (also 3 speed) & they are virtually identical. If you look for the XL or other bike that was more common with the 4 speed tranny, you get the 4 speed speedo..The mounting brackets are different to the top plate, but the speedos are the same..
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    Adding a little bling

    Great info Dupa, thank you very much! So, may I ask, can you give some tips on an actual buffing machine? I have a bench grinder & have been reading some articles that say the average bench grinder is too quick for using buffing wheels on. Any tips or advice? Is it worth it to spend the extra...
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    Shop Setup Photo's??

    My garage is a disaster & a disgrace...I'm too embarrased to post any pics of it...everything is shoved to 1 side right now to make room for the wood for the winter....BJAtwood, nice setup & shop dude...when you say you hang it from a beam, did you find a roof rafter & screw in some hooks..? Or...