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    need to reproduce front VIN tag

    I need to reproduce the VIN tag on my 69 K0 - the one that has the serial number in it and that it was mfg'd to USA specs by the steering column. Has anyone had to get a new on made out of vinyl or alum plate? Where to go and hw much? Thanks!
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    72 K1 gearing

    Hi - Now that my K1 is on the road, I notice first gear is such a "granny" gear, i spend a short time in 2nd also, and top speed in 3rd is about 30. I have an 88 cc kit with a stock carb with a 64 main jet and it's a 3 speed automatic. What changes can I make to get more speed out of first...
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    1972 Ct 70 - Restored!

    Hi - It's been almost a year since I purchased my first Honda mini trail and I happy to say I took it around the block for the first time today! Luckily we haven't had any snow where I live in Iowa and it was ~50 degrees today! I cleared a few hurdles along the way and in the end got a real...
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    69 k0 fork bearing issue

    I purchased the "all balls" tapered bearings set for my K0 forks. I wasn't able to get the forks to sit up in the frame far enough - the positive stop wasn't close to being in the right position to work. I attached a picture and I'm wondering if the lower bearing race is the problem. Is it...
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    tapered steering head bearings

    Anyone have problems getting the steering parts to fit when using the tapered steering head bearings? It seems to take up more space than the loose bearings and I can't get the triple tree to fit all the way down and so the steering limiter hits the limits? Is there a trick to getting the...
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    oil dripping out of exhaust, burning oil

    When I got my K1 started two weeks ago it started smoking bad and dripping oil out of the exhaust connection on the head and spitting oil out the back of exhaust. I read about Dan Lorenze having similar problem but I have some questions. I just read that the oil level has to be checked with...
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    problems -kick start and leaky carb

    I was all set to go on my maiden voyage and ran into problems with my 73 CT 3 speed and it wouldn't start. I had a friend show me the ropes on the engine rebuild. New 88cc kit from TB, new timing chain, new valves, valve seats, guides, gaskets, carb kit with larger jets (62 I think), hi flow...
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    carb inlet fitting - fell out

    Hi - One of the carb inlet brass fittings is loose and won't stay in. Are there replacement fittings to buy or do I have to replace the whole bottom bowl? If I had to make the repair - how would I get the fitting to stay in and stay sealed? Thanks for any advice you can give.
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    Ideas for a vanity plate?

    Any good ideas for a vanity license plate for a 1972 Ct70 K1? Six characters I believe.
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    K1 CT 70 side badges (below the seat)

    NEVC said they only have the CT 70 side badges in vinyl - not aluminum plate like the originals. Anyone know where to find the CT 70 side badge in aluminum plate for a K1 or is my only option to go with the vinyl ones? BTW - NEVC does have the K0 side badges in aluminum plate. Thanks
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    installing new gold chain

    I've looked in the book but I need some field experience installing the new chain. Should I count the links or just wrap it and go with the length I need? Where should I start the wheel axel to frame indicators - on the first mark closest to the engine? Which mark should it roughly end up on...
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    Title and registration

    I got my paperwork back from International title service on Friday. It only took nine business days. Going to transfer it into my name tomorrow so wish me luck at the Iowa DMV... I hope it goes smoothly.
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    axle and spacer thickness questions

    Hi again - I need help identifying the axle spacers (thickness) for each axle right and left. My K1 and K0 parts kinda got mixed together :rolleyes: Left front has no spacer or washer - I think Right front = ? left rear = ? right rear = ? Thanks for your help - This is for the K1 BTW.
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    wire harness verification ?

    Hi - I put a new wire harness - from NEVC - in my K1 CT70 and I want to verify a couple things. Near the battery box... The bundle of two wires... the red wire and green with yellow stripe go to the rear brake light switch? The bundle of three wires... the red and green go to the rectifier...
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    frame decal position for k1

    Hi - Can someone with a CT70 k1 please measure the distance between the A of honda and the left side of the wire harness hole... on the right side of the bike? i think this would be the best way to establish the front to back position. Also - I'm planning to take the top of the decal to the...
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    Black pads the gas tank sits on

    Hi - During a rebuild, what do you do to replace the black pads that go under the gas tank? These are the black pads that sit on little ledges towards the back of the gas tank on each side of the frame above the ignition coil. Do you find someone that has the honda pads or do you improvise...
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    Two sizes of battery holders?

    I'm rebuilding a 69 and a 72 CT70. The metal battery holders are not the same size. One is rectangle and matches the battery I bought but the other is more square. Anyone know which year gets which size? I assume the larger one takes a special battery? Please help me sort through this...
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    K1 front fork disassembly??

    I'm stuck trying to dismantle the front forks on my K1. I dumped the oil out but don't see any way to remove the long post that goes down inside the lower fork (by the tire). I bought new seals and the clymer manual doesn't explain well enough for me to figure it out. One fork goes in and...
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    Advice for original gas tank?

    <o:p></o:p>I am ready to put the original tank back in my K1. I have new gas line hoses but is there any other prep I should do? Put some gas in, splash around the inside, look for leaks, dump out? Will this cover it or is there other prep you may recommend? Thank you in advance.
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    larger tire on stock wheels

    Will the 130/70-10 and 120/70-10 tires fit on a stock wheel? Thanks