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  1. cjpayne

    What rims are these?

    Those rims look really cool.
  2. cjpayne

    Rattling sound driving me crazy

    All the CT70's I've had, have had a resonance noise from somewhere depending on RPM. Placing your foot or hand on things, while the noise is there, may help pin point the source. Exhaust guard, headlight assembly, engine guard, ect. If your T chain can be adjusted ('72K1/HK1-later), then its...
  3. cjpayne

    CT 90 Clutch Friction Modifier lubricant from Ford

    That's the exact stuff I use in my CT70's. Its the best I've found so far. It has a very high zinc content. Great for the shift forks and cam too. 20w50 for hot weather, constant high rpm, or breaking in a new motor. I use the 10w40 for most of the year. I'm in NE Oklahoma.
  4. cjpayne

    Custom 74 Xl70 KO build

    That bike is gonna look really good.
  5. cjpayne

    Dad’s retirement KO CT70

    Yeah, I've always hated the way they assembled the petcock too.
  6. cjpayne

    beginning restoration on a CT70 - not sure where to start

    With the internals exposed to the elements, that engine is going to take alot of love, but you do have a mostly complete bike to start with.
  7. cjpayne

    CT70 right side crank case

    I'm pretty sure the bare case from a 3speed is the same.
  8. cjpayne

    CT90 Headlight Bucket Bolts

    Honda may still have them or can order.
  9. cjpayne

    4 speed manual clutch motor z50

    Manual says to set the valves at .002in and .002ex. Set the exhaust at .003. It will run a little cooler. On a K1 engine I had, it made all the difference in the world on the temps.
  10. cjpayne

    Oil pump 69 z50 k1

    Loosen the tensioner, lift up the chain, then spin the gear with your other hand.
  11. cjpayne

    How to clean outside of cylinder head?

    X2 on what OLD CT said. I think the best way is walnut blasting in a dedicated cabinet. I've had very good results with light soda blasting where the heavy stains are. Preserving the "as cast" finish can be difficult and is alot of elbow grease. I stay away from the glass bead blasting on the...
  12. cjpayne

    Newbie with 2 CT70's

    Nice find. Would like to see the VIN's and engine numbers on both bikes when you get a chance. I'm betting your blue K2 has a low production number since it says 6/72. Thats the month that the K1's were stopped and switched to the K2 production.
  13. cjpayne

    FOR SALE k3 hi -lo kill switch

    They are VERY hard to If its still mint, I would at least ask a 100 for it. Probably worth more. I am assuming your referring to a '74 K3 CT70.
  14. cjpayne

    Updated pics of green carbon fiber ct/Dax Daytona 190

    Of the bunch, I really like the SL100.
  15. cjpayne

    Road Trip Adventure on a CT70

    Its open carry or concealed here in Oklahoma. Not sure what it is your state, but I would definitely make it less noticeable so you dont get hassled by "THE MAN".lol. Also, incase you and your buddies run into trouble, the 1st one they shoot may be you if they see your armed. I just recently got...
  16. cjpayne

    Am I screwed here?

  17. cjpayne

    Road Trip Adventure on a CT70

    Sounds like an awesome road trip. I'm gonna strongly recommend putting a back rack(sixpack rack) and bag on this bike for tools, spare parts,(i.e, spark plugs, tire plugs, ect.) gas, food, first aid kit, and maybe a small tent. Your going a long ways.
  18. cjpayne

    Am I screwed here?

    Go ahead and post your engine and VIN numbers. Someone here might have a close case.
  19. cjpayne

    My 71 Red KO

    I've seen Mike's paint/body work first hand. Looks better in person. Would like to see some up close pics of the engine. I always like to see if the "as cast" finish was retained and how they did it.